Sister Love episode 1

 Hello readers!!!!!surprise I am Peach1 giving you a story today!  Hope you like it!
Lisa prayed silently, “Dear Lord. Let this day be a great day and thank you for being with me last night. In Jesus’ name I pray Amen. ” Before you could say ‘melons’ Lisa’s younger sister, Polly, ran in her room and bounced on the bed. She crossed her arms. “Mommy’s taking me to the zoo and you AREN’T going. You have to stay home and watch Cindy. ” Lisa’s frown seemed to cover her whole face. “We’ll see about that. ” She stomped to the kitchen. ” Mom,”  she said in a normal voice. “Do I have to stay home and watch Cindy while you and Polly go to the zoo? ” Mom turned around. Her blue eyes deflected the sunlight. “Sorry dear. You ARE the oldest and I DID promise Polly we will have a day together. ” Lisa’s mouth flew open. “You won’t include me?!” Mom walked to Lisa and patted her shoulder. “Honey, before Polly and Cindy were born we did a lot of stuff together. Now Polly sees we talk, laugh, hug, and go places together. Now she wants a special day with just the two of us.” “Well what about Dad?” Lisa asked, hoping HE can watch Cindy. ” He has a job to go to so he’ll get home at 8:00. You may go out, but only if Cindy wants to. ” Lisa walked slowly in her room. Life goes on too fast. She thought. Me and Mom can’t do anything together anymore
Now, it’s me and you talk…..
Did you like it???smiley Is it boring??? confuseAre you ready for the next episode??? eek Please post your comments to answer these questions or ask questions of your own. I will try to answer ASAP. God bless! lol

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Sister Love episode 1

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