Sinners in the Judgment Seat

God’s judgment can be likened to a
courtroom. Justice, God, presides over all who have ever lived on this earth.
Once order is called in the courtroom, God allows Satan to step forward as the
prosecuting attorney. He appears graceful, like an angel of light, but he is
bent on the darkest sentence possible– death. “Your Honor, I come before you
today to prove that this man, woman, or child is guilty of the most heinous
crimes possible. Not only has this person lied, cheated, and stole, he or she
has also killed people with unkind words, committed adultery by lusting after
others, and many more sins which are too numerous to name. And, as you and I
both know, the sentence for any sin is death!”

 Slouching in the defendant’s seat, the sinner,
ashamed because of the accuracy of Satan’s description, tries to look God in
the eyes and speak in defense. But no words will come out and his eyes droop
back down to the floor. However, before the final sentence is made, the defense
attorney has a chance to speak. Jesus steps forward to address not only God,
but Satan as well. “Mr. Satan does indeed know his law quite well, for he is
correct in his statement that the punishment for sin is death. However, the law
also states that a sentence for a crime cannot be carried out twice, and this
sentence has already been carried out.”

“Preposterous!!!” Satan cries out,
“As you can see this person is alive and well. How can you tell me that the
sentence of death has already been carried out?”

A serious look comes across Jesus’
face as He continues, “If you all will recall, I took this sinner’s sins away
and bore them Myself. I died the eternal death on the cross so that the
sentence could be carried out and this child of Mine could be declared pure.”

God smiles brightly as He gives His
ruling, “The records show that all of this is true. Therefore, by right of
redemption by the blood of the Lamb, I declare this person guiltless, innocent,
and fit to enjoy eternal life. All that need be done is for this child to
accept the free gift of redemption.”

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Sinners in the Judgment Seat

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