Should I continue?

Hey guys! I’ve been writing several stories recently, and I decided to share them with you. And when I wrote Escape from Bulgaria, I started to realize that it was too short, and I need to add details. My writing (I hope) has improved, at least a little. And pls let me know if I should continue. I want to make sure someone will read it. 🙂
 Oh, and by the way, I will try to rewrite Escape from Bulgaria as one long story or something. Sorry I’m keeping you waiting.
Chapter 1
The waves splashed against the shore. A young girl, about seven or eight peered worriedly out the window.
“We’re getting a storm!” She exclaimed as big, dark clouds filled the horizon. “Do you think it’ll be very bad, auntie?”
“Well, maybe. The weather is totally unpredictable here!” Her aunt replied.
As Sarah watched the billowing waves, she wondered if her parents were alive. When she was two years old, about five years before, her mother had been very sick. Her father had taken her on a cruise to warmer climates, to help her recover. They left Sarah with her grandparents. They had never heard back from her parents. She stayed with her grandparents after that. Unfortunately, they both passed away soon after she came to live with them, so her Aunt Amy took her in. That was all she knew.
“A storm probably…” She shuddered.
“Sarah! Look outside!” Aunt Amy said, bringing her out of her daydream.
“What’s that black speck out on the water?” She questioned.
“I think it’s a lifeboat!” Her aunt exclaimed.
“But, they’ll drown out there! It’s so stormy!”
Her Uncle Chad quickly put on his boots and coat and headed to the door. Sarah pressed her nose against the cold windowpane, and strained her eyes to see what was happening.
Sarah watched her uncle threw out a rope to the black speck, which had grown into a lifeboat.
“Sarah, come on! Let’s make sure we have some hot drinks and warm blankets ready.” Aunt Amy said.
After getting everything prepared, Sarah hurried to the window. Aunt Amy, standing beside her, gasped as a huge wave came up behind the lifeboat. Just as Sarah’s uncle darted away, carrying a small bundle, the others and the lifeboat were washed away.

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Should I continue?

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