Shooting Star pt. 3

Skye fidgeted with her thumbs. She was squished in the backseat of a moving van next to Davey and her mother, along with all their stuff in between. Her mother tried to make the 10-hour drive interesting by singing “100 Bottles Of Milk On The Wall” off-key. It didn’t work. Fortunately, the moving driver had lent them i-Pads to play on during the drive. Skye found a drawing app and messed around to try and draw a sunset. It turned out pretty scrappy. Davey had fallen asleep watching P-J masks.
“ARGH!” Skye yelled. She couldn’t wait for the next move.
Author’s Note
I have been very busy lately, so I could only put this together. Sorry about that. But I will try to upload a bit more frequently.

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Shooting Star pt. 3

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