Sephora | Pt.1

~from the author of ‘The Beach’ series~

After three days of fasting it was time. I sat at my dressing table while Abijah, my maid, braided my hair. When she finished I stood and walked over to the tall mirror to look my reflection.  

You look fabulous your Majesty”, Abijah said.

Thank you”, I said. “Send for Ameera”.

When she came we talked for a while then prayed – maybe for the last time,I thought.

“You’ll be fine”, Ameera said. “Trust me and more importantly, trust the God who has brought you this far.”

“You’re right”, I said. “I will do this. And if I die, I die.”

I walked down the long corridor towards the King’s meeting room until I came to the the large door. My heart thumped. Then the security guards grabbed me. Before they could take out their radios to call for backup, I span my arm, twisting one of the guards arm until he let go of me. I broke free and burst through the door. The King looked up as I burst in closely followed by the security guards.


I am Sephora and this is my story.

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Sephora | Pt.1

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