Sentimental Sand

I touched sand today! Well it’s a bit deeper than that…

This last month my fiancee and I decided to include a sand ceremony as part of our wedding ceremony. She and her mom really love the Sand Honor and both continue to collect sand even though they are not currently in Pathfinders. The idea was that we would both get sand from where we were born.

Well that’s an issue, as a missionary’s kid I was born Ecuador. Fortunately we were able to make arrangements for sand to be shipped to us. This last week, the sand arrived from Ecuador. This was a little interesting to me to say the least because I left before I was one year old and I haven’t been back since. I was touching my native land for the first time after all those years.

When you check out sand under a microscope, it is an endless sea of amazing detail of shapes colors and materials. Sand is made up of just so much stuff!

Here’s the badge for the Sand Honor.

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Sentimental Sand

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