Merriam Webster, it’s something
that saves someone or something from danger or a difficult situation.
But you see, behind this word “Salvation” lies
A story that boggles the mind
“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”
Simple enough. But then this omnipotent God created out
of the mire and the dirt
A being in His own image: man.
There are no words that can
Describe this amalgamation
Of reason and sensation
That God fashioned out of the dust.
Because within us
He planted a will
A will to do what we will
Not to follow some preprogramed laws of nature
Like a slave being forced into meaningless labor
He gave us a mind
Some wonder why a God who’s omnipotent
Wouldn’t even think up an
Autonomous world that did his bidding. You see, it is not
possible for someone to love
If their lives are strictly dictated from above
No, they need choice
A voice
To express themselves and how they feel
Because if we’re going to put our seal
Of approval on this God
We’d better have been able to see Truth as well as any fraud
So we took that mind, fashioned after the Creator, and
said, “This is what ought to be”
But as you can see, the world is far from this utopian
We said one thing, but did another
Betraying sister and brother
Until the world reached a point where
What was right and fair
Was no longer a priority that everyone shared
And so the world started to search for ways back to the
source of power
but it could and cannot find it in the past, now, or later
The world found that the only thing man ought to do is
And by surrendering, man could receive the tender
Care of the Creator. “For all have sinned and fall short
of the glory of God”
And no matter what we do, He can always see past our
It was because His infinite love that this God sent his
So that the battle of the ages could be won
So as the author of the universe, He entered our time,
our world
And took on our form so that the plan of
salvation could be unfurled
But He chose to come not as a conquering king
But as a lowly baby. Like an engagement ring
From the eager husband to the timid bride
Casting all other cares aside,
He said to his love, “Will you be mine?”
But. “He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him,
Nothing in his appearance that we should
desire him.
He was despised and rejected by mankind,
A man of suffering,and familiar with pain.”
His offer rejected after investing all the powers of
To work for his creation’s redemption
There was one thing left. He had to die
Just as they say ‘til death do us part
He showed the world his heart
By offering up his life on a tree
A love so perfect, so vastly incomprehensible that we
Can only sit in awe of its size
Compared to our infinitesimally miniscule lives
And so that loving God had to turn his back
As the universe racked
Its mind as to how such a sacrifice could be made
Just for a little world to be saved
And as this world did grieve
That Savior, he did weave
That fine scarlet thread throughout people’s lives,
throughout space and time
So that in the end, he can say “That. Is. Mine.”
And the Rock of Salvation moved that paltry pebble in
front of the tomb
And whipped the brilliant tapestry of the universe off of
the loom
With the bright scarlet thread wound through
And proclaimed, “You are in me, and I am in you.”
Because of this, “salvation is found in no one else”
Than the God who sacrificed himself
To save you and me
And in the end his face, we’ll see
And finally, the throngs will resound,
“Thank God, thank God, I am heaven bound.”
I hope this blessed you in some way (especially if you spent all that time reading the whole thing)!

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