Rushing Water Part One

“Noah!” a loud voice boomed. “Noah”

Noah stopped and dropped the bag of tools he was carrying, scaring and scattering the frantic chickens gathered around him.

“Here I am” Noah answered.

“I am the Lord God of your ancestors. What I have seen of the people here troubles me. I am going to swipe out this nation with a world wide flood. But you and your family have been found righteous. Build an ark. It will carry you, your family and the animals.”

Noah continued to listen carefully as God told him the instructions. After God had finished speaking to Noah, he hurried back into the house.

“Lunch is prepared, dears” Martha cried.

Noah smiled at his wife as she put a plate of fruit and meat on the table. Soon Rebekah, Japheth, Mary, Shem, Adina and Ham seated themselves down too. Martha blessed the food and soon everyone was chomping down on the meal.

“This is delicious!” Adina exclaimed as she munched on a sliced peach. “I’ve never known a better cook!”

Martha chuckled.

“And I’ve never known a sweeter girl than my three daughters in law!”

Noah stared down at his meal.

“What is wrong father?” Shem asked quietly. “You haven’t spoken a word since you’ve stepped into this house”

Noah cleared his throat.

“God visited me today” Noah started. “He said He was going to send a flood to wipe out all living things. But he has found us righteous. So we will build an ark for a shelter along with some animals until the flood passes.”

Martha looked up at him with shock.

“Surely you must be joking!” Ham shouted. “There is not a sign of big masses of water anywhere”

“What the Lord says, he means, Ham.” Mary corrected.

“Mary is right!” Rebekah protested. “God wouldn’t say it if He didn’t mean it”

“Yes and we must get started on the ark tomorrow” Noah added.

“Tomorrow?!” all the sons said in unison.

“But I am supposed to get the barn mended tomorrow!” Japheth cried.

“Don’t worry about the barn. It will be demolished in the flood anyway” Noah roused.

There was silence in the room as everyone thought about the unrighteous people who would drown. Finally Martha spoke.

“I must go into town tomorrow to get some onions and carrots. Would anyone like to come?” she questioned.

Adina nodded.

“Very well!” Martha confirmed and left the room.

The next morning Martha woke Adina and they both left for town. They walked through the markets and purchased a few things.

“Martha!” a happy woman cried. “How are you?”

Martha turned to see her friend, Dinah.

“Dinah! I must tell you something” Martha proclaimed.

Martha explained to Dinah about the flood.

“Nice try” Dinah giggled.

“This is serious!” Martha hissed.

“Whatever!” Dinah said and walked away.

Martha stared hopelessly at her friend.

“Let’s go” Martha ordered and led Adina out of the gates.

As the house came insight. the two girls heard laughing. They raced to the house. A giant crowd surrounded the ark’s base.

“I’m warning you! Come onto the ark and be saved.” Martha heard Noah yell.

“Stupid fool!” said a voice and everyone burst out laughing.

“Everyone get away!” Martha shouted as she raced through the crowd.

Startled the group gradually disappeared. She sighed. What trouble would they face these coming days. Years later the ark was finally completed.

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Rushing Water Part One

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