Robyn’s dogs

Hi everyone I had not post in a long time because I moved and I don’t have wifi so am using my mom’s phone so let’s start and this is the  Aussie dog’s side  she’s a girl .
It was never a lazy day for me , I peek open my eye too see my girl ( Robyn ) put my food in my bowl and as soon as I see food I make a dash for it , after I ate like a bear everyone was in a rush , kids going to school and gown ups going to work …. again , I didn’t mind so after everyone smack me on the head ( which for humans is called ” petting ” which also they need lessons how to do that ) I went outside to my home town New York City! I walked down the street hearing honking cars , buses , kids crying, and people talking , so I went to the park where I liked to make people think that I was a hungry stray needing food and they fell for it ( am I smart are what ? ) . I have to go now but I will be back bye everyone!

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Robyn’s dogs

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