Righteousness Ranch Part 6

Hey guys! So here goes and enjoy! Plus I will submit character contest.
Chapter 6
Selena reared up in horror as she came face to face with Tyler. Somehow he had managed to find her, and his brown eyes blazed with anger.
“So this is where you’re at. Cool place. Too bad I don’t get paid for tracking you down.” Tyler said, taking everything in with his eyes.
Selena nodded. “Tyler, listen-” Tyler held up his hand. “I know what you’re thinking. And I want you to know that I did not agree to complementary tracking. Your father forced me to.” He walked up close to her and stared into her eyes. “Do you really need to do this?” Then Selena broke down crying.
“Tyler, y-y-you don’t know w-w-w-what it’s like to h-h-have a father like mine! Your father doesn’t beat your mom to death, does he? Does he drink every day till he knocks out? Does he throw beer bottles that shatter i-i-i-into shards that scratch your knee? Does he whip you mercilessly until you f-f-f-feel worthless and l-l-like dirt? D-d-d-does he?” She asked, eyes red, salty tears running down her face.
Tyler stared blankly, then crossed the room to look out the tiny window. “No. I guess I don’t. But that doesn’t prevent me from sympathizing with you!” He yelled, then quieted down. He spun on his heels and with his soft voice, asked another question.
“Where is Lucky Charm?” Selena glared but replied. “Round back.”. Tyler made a surprised grunt, if you could call it that. “Selena-” He said, but Selena started to protest. “SELENA!” Tyler yelled. She stopped. “Listen to what I’m going to do. I’m going to ride away from here, return to your father’s house, and tell him I followed the tracks up to a certain extent, but I found no more. That will allow you to escape.” He said. Selena sighed. “Okay. I suppose you’d better get going?” She asked. Tyler nodded. “Yup.” He turned away, but then stopped. “Selena? I’ll miss you.” She sniffled. “I’ll miss you too.” Tyler walked out, hearing the snorts of his Arabian, Prince. He saddled the horse, then whispered in its ear, “Let’s go home.”
After he left, Selena went outside. “Lucky Charm, we have to keep moving.” She said. The horse seemed happy to leave. As they set off, Selena wondered how much longer they would have to flee. She just hoped that they would get where they were going.
Tyler Knox pulled his horse up in front of Raven Beak Ranch, Selena’s old home. Her younger brother, Cameron, rushed outside. “Tyler here!” He said as Tyler got off Prince. Tyler chuckled. “Hey little guy. Did you bring a treat for Prince?” He asked. Cameron nodded, and ran off to where the glossy black horse was grazing. Alex acknowledged Tyler with a court nod; Matt with a pat on the back. “Did you see my sister?” He asked. Tyler shook his head yes, and went inside to where Thomas was waiting. “So?” The father asked, beer bottle in hand. “Mr. Thomas, I followed the tracks to a certain extent, but then they disappeared. I searched between a ratio of 6 miles. Nothing.” Tyler said. Without a word, he left. At least he knew Selena would be safe.
So cool right? See you soon and hope your heart is racing. Also there will be a character contest in which you may send in forms for characters. See ya!

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Righteousness Ranch Part 6

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