Righteousness Ranch Part 2

So hey guys! I’m back with another chapter and I sincerly hope you enjoy. Roll film!
Chapter 2
Selena looked in the mirror. She had been crying for more than an hour, and she looked pretty miserable. Grabbing a tissue, she began to wipe her face gingerly. Just earlier that day, her father had beat her. Suddenly she remembered her knee. She looked down to her knee, which had now swollen in size and was a painful red. She got up off the bed and ripped off the Band-aid that had done little to protect the scrape from the angry leather belt.
Wincing as her knee began to throb with pain yet again, Selena grabbed the antiseptic cream and put a fresh covering on. She sighed as her hazel eyes fell upon her mother’s picture sitting on her vanity. Her mother, Belle Grace, had been an awesome mom. Selena still remembered the fun they used to have jumping into the horses, having friendly races and mountain ride on Lucky Charm and Twister. Ah, Twister. Selena still remembered the day when Mom was riding on Twister when the horse reared up, it’s path blocked by a mountain lion. The horse had been killed.
 That’s when Dad started drinking. It seemed silly that he would start drinking over a horse, but the truth was, Twister was the best horse in the stable. Dad had lost a lot of money when Twister died, and he took out his frustration on Mom. Selena still saw the day when Dad fatally beat her mother in her mind vividly. Mom had mentioned Twister and the foals he fathered when Dad stood up. She distinctly remembered the screams as Dad beat her mother mercilessly. In 15 minutes, her screams had died done to dying moans before there was silence.
Selena shook her head and went to sit back down on her bed. No sense in remembering the past if all it did was make you cry. Suddenly a scratching noise sounded and Selena saw Cameron’s head pop out from the window. She looked down and saw Alex holding the ladder straight. “Cameron has something to give you, Selena.” He said. Selena grabbed Cameron just as the ladder fell, landing on top of Alex, who grumbled something about ‘ladder is rickety should get a new one’. Selena laughed and looked at her little brother. “Selena, here’s a sandwich for sissy.” Cameron managed, before going back to rocking back and forth after giving the package to his sister. Intrigued, Selena grabbed the package and opened it to see a Subway sandwich, a bag of Doritos, and a bottle of Coco-Cola. She gasped.
“Where did you get it, Cameron?” She asked. “Matt dropped by food place and bought it. Told me to give you this too. Some tea for tonight.” Cameron replied. Selena nodded and slowly bit into her sandwich. “Tell Matt thanks for me, ok?” Cameron nodded before looking around. Alex had gotten the ladder back up already, so Cameron climbed out. A final wave and then he was gone. Selena finished up her meal, and took her journal. She started to write.
 August 4, 2015
Hey Journal. So Dad beat me and I’m up here till further notice, so yeah. Have you noticed that Tyler Knox has been helping me with the horses? He’s like a horse genius. And I don’t know what to do! confuse I’m afraid to ask if I can visit Lucky Charm when my punishment is up. I just hope Matt helps. Love, Selena.
 Selena closed her journal just as she heard Matt’s raised voice. “I don’t care what you think. You’re abusing Selena!” And a minute later, a response. “Selena is not your responsibility, boy!” An angry yell followed. Selena heard a gun cock, and then a gulp. “Matt. We will drop this subject IMMEDIATELY. Got that?” There was a mumbled reply, and then, “Good.” She heard the pounding footsteps, and scrambled back against the wall as her dad walked in. “You’re allowed back downstairs. Just stay away from Tyler.” Dad slurred, another bottle of beer in his calloused hand. Selena nodded before scrambling down the stairs. She rushed out the front door and right to Lucky Charm, who nickered happily. Alex was waiting. “Where’s Tyler?” She asked. Alex looked sober. “He left after your beating.” He leaned in close to her, his minty mouthrinse mixing with her strawberry perfume. “Selena. You have to get out of here.” Selena jumped back in horror. “I can’t!” Alex shrugged, then left, leaving a surprised Selena alone to think. “Maybe Alex is right. Maybe it’s better if I leave.” She got up to go back to the house and found Matt and Alex talking to a mysterious woman. Her heart jumped into her throat, and she fainted. Alex jumped up and rushed to her side, fanning her in till she possibly revived. Selena came to, and locked eyes with the biggest nightmare of her life…………….
So how mysterious is that? I bet you’re dying to know who the woman is, right? Well, the comment board will be open for guesses. I will reveal the answer in the next chapter. I hope this has you on the edge of your seats. And one more note. I need 12 more likes this time to post chapter 3. grin So hang in there my loyal fans, and stay hoping for a glimpse of the mystery next chapter! It’ll blow your brains to the extreme. Bye, and see your shocked faces soon! (P.S Never mind the extra spaces. Just enjoy.)

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Righteousness Ranch Part 2

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