Righteousness Ranch

 So here’s the result. Congrats to fluffymacena for winning first place in the contest. And now, without further ado, Righteousness Ranch.
Selena Grace has always lived on the ranch with her
two older brothers, one younger brother, and her alcoholic dad. One day,
after her father beat her, she decides to take her horse, Lucky Charm,
and leave for a better life. She makes it to a small town and renames
herself Luca Charm. While she’s there, she feels empty until a new
friend tells her about God.

characters: Selena Grace (16) charming but mysterious
Tyler Knox (17) extremely spiritual and likeable
father (mid 40s) abusive and sad at what he’s become
Alex (older brother, 18) nice and caring

Matt (older brother, 20) the leader in the family and lover
Cameron (younger brother, 7) has mild autism and adores his only sister
Chapter 1
Selena cringed as an empty beer bottle flew through the air landing close to the long forgotten family bible, laying unused on a cluttered table. Her drunk father was getting closer, with a belt in his hand. “Didn’t I tell you, don’t enter untill I tell you to?” He asked, motioning towards the tiny snack she held in her hand. “Cameron was hungry, and he asked me to get him some Cheetos. So I did. Anything wrong with that?” Selena asked. Dad took another swig of beer, then replied. “Cheeky, ah? Well, you’ll get what’s coming to you yet.” You’ll get what’s coming to you yet. Selena shivered. “Hand over the Cheetos. NOW.” Matt waited in the corner, waiting for the moment to deliver the precious package to the young austistic boy. 20-year-old Matt had just gotten out of college and had come back to the ranch to see Alex trying to tie the family together, Cameron shivering in fear and extreme hunger, and Tyler Knox helping his little sister, Selena Grace, with the horses.
Selena tossed the bag to Matt, who sprinted out of the room to where Alex and Cameron were waiting. “Why, you little-” He was interrupted by the phone ringing. Ignoring it, he continued his sentence.”You little brat! Come here!” He wielded his belt, and Selena, filled with fear, ran out of the room, then tripping on a beer bottle and cutting her knee on a shard of glass, getting a bad scrape. Moaning, she pulled herself to her feet and ran out to the stable. Seeing Selena in such a state, Tyler bolted up, while Lucky Charm nickered in surprise. “It happened again. You can’t go in there.” Selena glanced over to where Lucky Charm was waiting for her hay. She started to get up, but Tyler stopped her. “You’ve got to sit down: that’s a pretty nasty cut.” Tyler remarked, motioning to Selena’s already swelling knee. Selena moaned.
“Ugh! I-I-I just hate when D-d-d-dad’s in this s-s-s-state.” She sniffled. Tyler looked up from putting the Band-aid on and said, “God is in control, Selena. Always.” Suddenly Selena got angry. “‘He’s in control’? He was in control when Mom was beat to death, right? He was in control when Dad started beating ME instead, right?! If this ‘Almighty God’ is in control, then he should be loving me and helping me. I get you want something to encourage you when times are tough, but face it: GOD”S NOT REAL.” Tyler sighed. “I’m sorry, Selena.” She calmed down. Lucky Charm nuzzled Selena.”I hope Matt got the snack to Cameron. Dad didn’t make dinner last night: we had to order take-out.”
Tyler whistled. That was tough. As he opened his mouth, a booming voice came from the house. “Selena Grace! Come into the house now.” Selena looked at her swollen knee, then hobbled towards the house. Tyler didn’t want to admit it, but he feared for Selena. Then door opened, then closed. Tyler sincerely hoped Selena would be alright.
Selena rubbed her knee as Dad approached her, taking the last few swigs of beer before business. “Selena Grace. You are rebellious. And a rebellious teenager will be punished.” Then the belt swung through the air, and Selena felt the hiss of leather on her skin. This was one of the worst beatings. Dad raised the belt again. Cameron, in his confused 7-year-old state, ran towards her, but was pulled back by Alex. The belt came down, and the sting reached Selena again. That one’s gonna leave a scar, she thought. 1 more beating pierced through her, this time hitting the swollen knee.  She moaned as her already hurt knee got redder. “Go up to your room, and don’t come down untill dinner.”Dad slurred. Selena ran upstairs, crying. This was too much. Too much.
 So, what do you think? I need 8 likes before I post the next chapter. What do you think will happen? Well, in the next chapter, Selena’s gonna run off, and Tyler is- I’d better stop talking now. Remember, for this to continue, I NEED 8 likes. Comment if u like or if you have a suggestion. And thank you again, fluffymacena, for giving me this wonderful idea. Bye!

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Righteousness Ranch

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