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Hey Guidesters! 
I’m not sure which book of mine do I want to post, so I will post the summaries of them and ya’ll get to choose!
Cosmopolitan Way I:


The stories of three kids — Robert, Alice, and Yuki — from the small community of Cosmopolitan. 

Robert Koch had a normal life until a Foster girl comes home and steals all the attention! Robert’s jealousy is getting the better of him. Can anyone forgive him?

Alice Mooney’s dad is going to get married to her friend Muzakir’s mother. But Muzakir, a world class pain in the neck, is wrecking the wedding props, prompting Alice to hold a grudge against him. Will Alice be able to give him a second chance?

Yuki Takahashi and his mother are in different situations but they all have to do with bullying. Mrs. D’Aboville, who won’t keep her nose to herself, is pressuring Mrs. Takahashi to sell her their family-owned business, while Yuki is having trouble with standing up for Mrs. D’s nephew with a funny name. Can these two stand up for what is right?



If there is something hard, it is dealing with this particular Foster child. Belle and Gabby have one hope, he is temporary. More awful news might just turn that around and make Gabby and Nate’s vow to hate the other permanent. But then Gaby and Nate have a life-changing experience, which might just break the vow!
So please post comments telling me which one sounds more thrilling, and I will get to writing! Repeat, if you are a member of the Cyberclub, please vote!

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Readers Contest

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