Problems Everywhere

Eeek! I am so excited! I finally got what I had wanted. I was supposed to go to my new Private School, called West Baptist High Acadamy alone with my full 4 year scholorship, But my bestfriend Savanna’s mom and my mom discussed and thought it was good if wewent there together! And even better news, Savanna qualified to get a half scholorship (2 years) Even though her parents would still have to pay for the other half of the year, it’s still great! I quickly get dressedandgo to the kitchen for breakfast. “Hey Mom.” I say happily. “Hey, Selena. Have any dreams to tell for my story class today?” “My mom asked me. Every weekday for 30 minutes, she volunteers at the kids hospital and tells a story. They really enjoy the company. “Yup, but I’ll tell you later cause I gotta catch the bus.” I say. I quickly stuff myself with cereal and grab my backpack. “Bye mom!” I say. “Bye Selena!” She gives me a hug, and I run to the bus stop to meet up with Savanna. “Hey!” She says when she spots me. She shoves her book that she was reading into her backpack. “Can you belive this? I can’t believe we’re both on scholorships here!” I say. “This is really awesome.” She agrees. Then the bus pulls up, we get on and head toward the school. “Highschool, here we come.” I say, Savanna giggles. I can tell she’s nervous, and I am too. I’m just glad I’m not going to face a brand new school alone. We go into the school and into the front office to get out schedules. For people with scholorships, theres a totally different schedule, so I’m excited to see it. The front desk lady hands us our schedules. “So, first, we both go to Homeroom, then advanced math, then  advanced reading, then to a gifted and talented club, then P.E,  lunch, then advanced social studies, then advanced history, then back to homeroom, then the day is over.” Savanna says. “A lot of thens.” I say. We laugh. “Okay, to homeroom we go!” 
 At first, the day goes by great, but then the trouble came in P.E in the locker rooms. I was tying my tennis shoes and Savanna was pulling up her hair into a ponytail when some girls came by. “Oh, look, we have new students.” One of them says. “I’m Clarrisa, this is Tasha, that’s Tanya their twins, and she’s Karen.” Clarrisa says. “And I care because…..?” Savanna says. She’s known to start agruments with people. You care because we will make your lives at this school miserable. If you haven’t noticed, only BAPTISTS come here. This is a baptist school. We don’t need any seventh day losers coming in pretending they rule the world. Got it? Good. Now, if you exscuse me, Me and my friends have some things to do.” “How did you know we were Adventists? The princapal was supposed to keep that secret.” I say. “Well, the princapal is my mother, unfortunatly, and I saw your personal information and school records lying on the couch. You probably can guess what I did. Your name is Selena. Clarrisa says pointing at me. “And that girl is Savanna. I know ALL about you. Now goodbye.” The leave the locker room. “Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea after all. How could I be so stupid? Just because a baptist school offers me a scholorship doesn’t mean I should accept it. I’m not even Baptist for goodness sake!” I tell Savanna. “Well, there’s nothing we can do now. Our parents already signed the contract, and we can’t leave unless we pay for the whole 4 years, even if we didn’t attend.” She says. I sigh. The week just gets worse, I totally forgot that my big sister, Amelia was going off to college this Wednesday! When I get home from school that day I run to my mom. Has she left yet?” I ask. “She will catch the plane in 2 hours.” My mom says. Just great. My sister will be leaving,for about 7 years to become a vet and I have only 2 more hours to spend with her. I run to her room. “Hey Amelia!” I say. I find her crying on her bed. “Oh. Hi Selena.” She says wiping her eyes. “I’ll do anything so you won’t go!” I say. “I have to Selena. The only college accepted me are far away from here but I have to go.” “Well, we should atleast do something fun. Let’s go to the skating rink!” I say. “Okay, but first let me finish packing. It’ll only take 5 minutes.” She says. “Okay, I’ll be waiting in your car.” I say. 
TO BE CONTINUED ………. (sorry there is a problem with my keyboard .-.)

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Problems Everywhere

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