Problems Everywhere Part 2

We go to the skating rink for the last time together, and soon enough, it’s time to go back home. When we get inside she only has 30 minutes before she has to leave for the plane to her college in Ohio. My parents throw her a suprise party. While we are eating cake I ask, “Will you come to visit?” “Ofcourse Selena! I’ll come on all holidays! But we can always skype eachother, and yuo can email me or text me on your phone anytime. But remember, only call me at no earlier than 6:00pm.” Amelia says. 30 minutes pass by so quickly. Soon, it’s time for Amelia to leave.” “I’ll miss you so much!” My parents say. “I love you Selena. Remember that okay?” She says “Okay.” I say and we both start to cry. Even Mom and Dad cry and adults almost NEVER cry. She leaves and I feel all empty inside. I stay in my room and text Savanna. did ur sis leave yet? Savanna texted. yah. i feel so sad right now. i cried lots. I texted back. its ok selena. everyone will go to college u kno. when my sis left and got married blah blah, I cried so much. but she always comes and visits me and she even has a baby girl which is so cute! im even an aunt :p Savanna texts me. “Time to go to bed Selena!” My mom yells from the living room. gtg sleep savanna gn. I text. good night to you too. c u at school 2 morrorow. I hope those mean girls don’t talk 2 us no more. She texts. Me too, they are so ruuuudeee! Okay, bye. I stop texting and go to my bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I go downstairs to say goodnight to my parents. 
The next day, in advance math, Clarissa and her gang come in. “Hi Mr. Janni.” She says. “Oh! I almost forgot! Class, today these group of ladies will be joining us in our advanced group. No, they are not on scholorships, but they are very advanced in their schoolwork, so they were chosen to join us.” Mr. Janni says. To make matters worse, they sit next to Savanna and I. And I was just starting to like math class.
In lunch, the girls sit by us AGAIN. “I thought you wanted us to avoid you, so why do you keep following us?” Savanna asked annoyed. “I told you we were gonna make your lives here miserable. That’s what you get for being on a stupid scholoship here. Everyone who’s on a scholoships knows us, and they don’t want to mess with us, right girls?” “Yup.” They say in unision. It all disgusts me. Their shiny blond hair, loads of makeup, jelewry, and their defenitly against school dress code shorts. It’s all just so wrong. “Let’s go Selena.” Savanna gets up to leave. “No no no. Not on my watch. You sit right here unless you want everyone to know your little secret.” Clarissa says. We both look at eachother and sit back down. “That’s more like it. Now, let me tell you about myself.” Clarissa says. I silently groan and say a silent prayer asking Jesus to make these girls go away. “I’m 15. My mom is the princapal of this school and my dad is the president of the comapany, FastTalk which is a very succesful phone company. He created it and everything. Plus, my older brother, who’s like 34, is in the NBA, and he’s a very RICH basketball player. And my older sister who’s like 28, owns a Fake Nail company called StickIt and they earn TONS of cash, and my other older sister who’s like 24, just started this hair salon in New York for celebrities, SO, I’m like a billionare.” She says. She keeps on talking (no body listens) and finally lunch is over. The day drags on and then finally the day is over. When I get home I instsantly text Savanna. those girls are so ugh. I text I know right. They act like their in like 2nd grade bragging about all the rich family she has NOBODY CARES it’s ridiculous! i wouldn’t have ever guessed she even spends a second in a church! Savanna texts back. How come all her siblings are super old. is she adopted or something. i bet she is, or she must have some SUPER old parents. Savanna replies back texting: I just did the math on my caculator, and that means her parents are like 101 years old. But that doesn’t even include their own lifetime. I just added up all the ages of their kids, so like, it’s not like they had babies when they were born. 😛  I text back lol , well i gtg i’m gonna go text my sis and then u wanna come over later? She replies sure, how about at 6? I reply kk c u at 6. Then I text my sister. hey sis, how was the plane ride? Is ur new apartment cool? text me back soon cuz Savanna’s comin over at 6. xox Selena. By the time I’m done texting, my thumbs are SUPER numb, so I take a little nap before Savanna comes over. One good thing about this school, is that I have time to finish my homework in homeroom, so I don’t have to do it at home. I doze off, and the doorbell rings. I get up and run to the door. Yay Savanna’s here. I open the door. “Hey….” I say and stop. Instead of Savanna at the door, Clarissa and her friends are there. We have your little friend  Savanna, want her back? then stop texting about us. And yes, I am adopted, weren’t you listening at lunch? You have my brother’s cell phone company FastTalk, so I can eavesdrop on you.” Clarissa says. Talk about stocker! I think. “Where’s Savanna?” I ask. “Follow me.”
TO BE CONTINUED… (sorry, the texting is a bit much xD 😛 Don’t u hate bullies?)

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Problems Everywhere Part 2

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