Hey you.
Yeah, you.
I want you to look me in the eye and tell me that you care.
Because you don’t. I know you don’t.
You can’t say that you care then ignore me.
Maybe I talk too much. Well, I’m sorry.
There’s a lot going on. I can’t help that the only One for me to confide in
Is kinda hard to see and seems like He’s hidin’.
I’m a visual creature; You made me that way.
And every time I got something to say
I look up.
Up to what?
You say that You’re omnipresent.
I’m sure that makes sense to You, but I still don’t get it.
You said Your Spirit moves like the wind
“You can’t really see me, you just see what I do.”
Well the only thing I see moving is sin.
And every time that I cry out to You
Once again this “You” is the sky
So far away; unable to hear me cry
See the thing is I know you can hear, I know that You’re neat, I knew we share tears, and there’s nothing You fear.
But knowing is different from feeling.
And the heart is where you start your believing.
See, you know I’ve grown up in this church. And I almost wish I hadn’t because instead of crawling to you out of satan’s hands, I feel I’ve slowed own and eased my way into them.
What was supposed to be a beautiful relationship with you
Has turned into a monotonous routine. It’s true.
I pray the same prayer hoping for change
I keep feeling your signal is just out of range.
You know what? I’m sick of making this rhyme. It takes too much time. I’ll just tell you what’s on my mind.
You’re a therapist.
Listening to every word I say and doing


My child,
My voice is not in the storm, but in the silence.
So before I say a word, you need to stop and listen.
Listen and you’ll find I’ve been looking into your eyes all this time.
You just never took a moment to pause and look at my side.
My side and my hands and my feet that had holes driven through.
What does that say other than “I love you”?
You think I’m not with you because you can’t look at me.
That’s only because right now, you can’t truly se.
Stop sending empty prayers to the sky
And start talking with the space by your side.
Because that’s where my spirit truly lies.
Not “in the air around you,” but right in front of your eyes.

Everything I created is good and shouts my name.
Everything led by satan does the same;
They just shout it louder.
But like I said, I’m not in the storm. My voice is quieter.
Your heart isn’t in it because the world is already in your heart.
So if you know me, believe me when I say we’ve never truly grown apart.
You’ve just been listening to the louder voices.
So be quiet and I’ll tell you what your choice is.
You can either stay where you are with your gloom,
Or you can walk out of these doubts like I walked out of that tomb.
He can’t hold you down,
So get up off the ground.
Stop thinking your bound
To these voices and the world all around you.
Dust yourself off and follow Me.
And eventually
You’ll get to see
What I’m doing behind the scenes
And what all of this silence means.
See, the world won’t listen to God’s Son.
That’s why you need to pray that My will be done.
Because every hurt you see? That’s not my will.
It was hard to tell, but I was there with you still.
You focus on the pebbles hitting you and think that they’re boulders,
But you can’t see the mountains I’m holding back from you on my shoulders.
“In their affliction I was afflicted.”
But their pride kept them from being lifted
Into my open arms of mercy and healing.
Free will is a gift, but it can be misleading
Because suddenly “consequences don’t exist.”
Well of course they do, just look at my wrists.
Despite its consequences, I still love you, and I’ve never left.
How’s that for therapeutic?

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