Prairieview and prayer

Morgan woke up one cloudy fall morning, exhausted even before the day began. She had a one hour drive to the Adventist school in Okinawa City. She quickly put on her uniform, and ran out to her car. She had to walk very quietly, because her Dad was still asleep, and if she woke him, he would get mad.

When she arrived, everyone had lined up for roll call and prayer,  Morgan was the only girl in her 9th grade class. She had 4 boys in her classroom, AJ, who was loud and rambunctious, Sae Bin, who could turn anything into a joke, Oliver, who was quite studious and always took Sae Bin and AJ’s jokes literally, and Luke, who was a country boy that loved his country,fishing and adventure.

As Morgan walked into her classroom, she prayed a silent prayer in her heart,” dear Lord, please help me to have patience with these boys and help me to love them like you do,  Amen”.

All throughout the day the boys were insane as usual, which just made Morgan even more tired, she was constantly praying for strength to love them and strength for herself to get through the day. Sae Bin and AJ always targeted Morgan and were always teasing her about her height and the place where she had moved there from.

She and Sae Bin would get into heated discussions about whether Okinawa was better than Atsukami. Sae Bin had a way of twisting everything she said around till no one made sense anymore! Although she and Sae Bin got into little fights here and there, they were actually really good friends, and cared for each other alot. AJ on the other hand had a more negative relationship with Morgan. He had a way to always hurt both physically and emotionally, he sprained her ankle and scarred her arm, and has a way to make her get really mad. He was the hardest person in the whole school for her to love, she prayed constantly for strength to deal with him in love. When Morgan got home from school she went straight outside to her big backyard. She didn’t want to be around her father, so she would isolate herself in her room, or go outside until dark, she would only come out for dinner.

At this time she thought that it was normal for a father to yell and control his wife and kids, she didn’t like it when it happened, but she never knew that there was any other kind of life out there, she often wondered why she even had to live, she thought that if life was like this, there was no point in living at all.

So, how do you like it so far?, let me know in the comments🙂🩷🙏

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  1. It seems intriguing already! I wouldn’t like to be the only girl in a class, and it seems that Morgan has so much patience! Keep writing! (or typing… idk) 🙂

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Prairieview and prayer

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