Possible book series?!

Hey guys! I decided that I might start a little story series. I’m not sure how many of you are interested so please tell me if you like it so far! I’ll write more if you do. Thanks!

Fifteen year old Amaria Emani Harrison was somewhat perfect teenager. Or so her “friends” thought. With her charming personality and beautiful looks, she was always a person people wanted to hang out with. Amaria, also known as Ria, was always one of the “cool” kids. She was often envied because of her “perfection”. But Amaria did not see what the others saw. She often felt lonely, despite the countless friends. She felt unattractive and unloved. She couldn’t understand how anyone could see her differently from all the other millions and billions of humans. Her family was somewhat religious, but Amaria decided that she didn’t want to have anything to do with God. She just couldn’t understand how someone so powerful could exist and still love her. Being the 4th child of seven girls she always had to wrestle for attention. Everyone of her siblings seemed to have something special about them. Her oldest sister, Avalia, was a brilliant girl who had gotten into a prestigious university and had countless awards decked around the house. Her twin sisters Jayda and Jayelle were both excellent athletes. Her  sisters, Cadria and Talia  each had their share of attention due to their fantastic and diverse art skills. And her youngest sister, Karis, who was just seven had a beautiful singing voice. But there seemed to be nothing special about Amaria. She always did her best to be responsible and keep a smile on her face despite her sadness.She gave almost everything she tried her best shot, but each time failed miserably.

But one day, everything changed.

It was a late October night and Amaria was scrolling through her phone trying to occupy her mind of the dramatic events that happened at school that day. She could not sleep. She opened and closed different apps, hoping to kill time.

And then she heard a loud, piercing scream. The horrible type of scream. Instantly she knew something was wrong. She looked over at her two sisters who were in her room with her. Cadria was still soundly asleep, yet Talia had also had heard the scream and looked tired yet alarmed. “What was that?” Talia sleepily asked. Amaria had already gotten out of bed to see what the noise was. She then tip toed out of her room, down the stairs and into the kitchen with her sister.

What she saw next changed her life. Forever.

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Possible book series?!

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