Pete’s Adventure: The start of the adventure Part 3

Pete’s Adventure:
The Start of the adventure Part 3
 The next morning Pete was ready to go, now but  before he went he thought that he would need friends to help him with finding the person who scratched his dad’s car. So Pete went out to search for his new friends, he looked around the neighborhood and he found no one except old people who were saying how that little boy wants to start a cute Adventure, bless his heart……something like that wink He walked to a park and found two girls there, they were speaking a Carribbean kind of English together Pete could understand them so he came over. Pete went and said “hi, guys” the girls looked at him, “Wat is da boy saying?” said one of the girls, The other girl said ” I don’t no wat he say”. The girl before answered ” Anyway, my name is Becy and my friend on the other side of me ( the other girl waved) is Jade”. ” ok… yeah, i need help “. Pete said, Becy answered ” The boy needs help hahaha, the boys dis here don’t ask girls to help them”. “why not?” said Pete, ” Because they can fend for demselfs “. Said Jade, ” I don’t get it, boys from america can ask for help, anyway, My Dad’s car is scracthed and i need to find a the person or animal who scracthed his car”. Said Pete. ” Wat your name? you are a funny boy, if you want help find another boy”. Said Becy. “My name is Pete but please help me! i really really need help my father will punish me and….. before Pete could say more Becy answered. “Ok, we will help you, because we so kind enough to help you”. ” Pete laughed in victory and said, “Thank you.”  “Now wat do we do?” said Becy and Jade.
Part 4 tomorrow.

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Pete’s Adventure: The start of the adventure Part 3

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