Pause on Mistakes and Returns

Hey Guys!
I am sad to announce that I will be pausing the Mistakes and Returns series. If I tell you why, it might ruin the suspense of the next chapter, but I will say that big plot twists are coming next chapter, and so much so that I felt I needed to take my time to write it. I hope you guys understand. Failure will not be on pause.
Also, I know I said that the WTTC series was going to have the original series, Mistakes and Returns, and then a third one, but I think I’m changing my mind. I may just do a little more of a generation series. This does not mean the new characters in the next generations will be related to the ones in the previous generation, but they will all be Christians being persecuted. So here’s what I’m thinking.
Generation 1 (already complete): When The Time Comes, Christians being persecuted by Romans
Generation 2 (half published): Mistakes and Returns, more of an epilogue of what happened to the characters in the previous generation
Generation 3 (being planned out): (not yet titled), Constantine has now pronounced himself a Christian, and now more people are becoming Christians. At first it seems nice, but soon, they start edging out the old beliefs and putting their pagans one in Christianity. Some Christians say it’s ok because more people are joining the church, but a few will not budge on their beliefs. Soon, they are persecuted by the people they used to worship with.
Generation 4 (being planned out): Based on either the Waldensians or the Anabaptists
Generation 5 (being planned out)
 So I am going to schedule the books out, here’s the order. I’m giving an exception on Failure and M&R, but I will not usually be writing two series at once. It’s a little too much for me, especially with a lot of tests/papers in school. So here’s what’s coming up!
 Failure and M&R
 My Human
 Generation 3 of WTTC
 Generation 4 of WTTC
 *unknown, but if no books are written by this time, we will start Generation 5 of WTTC*
Now this could change, but for now this is what it’s looking like. I’m going to be 100% honest and say I’m most excited for My Human, Failing, and G3 of WTTC! Let me know what y’all are excited for!
Let me know if you guys like this idea, or what you would like me to write about. Also I’m down to write short stories.

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Pause on Mistakes and Returns

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