Patience in Eruption, Chapter 3

Previously: Isaac and his family have no choice but to run from the volcano. While running, a block of tephra hits Isaac in the leg. On the realization that Isaac can’t walk, his dad picks him up and the family continues running.

  “Hey, Dad! Lava!” Michael had stopped running to look at a small stream of bubbling lava coming out of a hole in the ground. 

  While the family was eyeing the lava as it turned more into a river, a gigantic tree crashed down right in front of their path. Ironically, the river of lava was flowing right beside the tree, and another bigger vent on the other side was emitting an entire geyser of hot, red, bubbling, boiling, deadly lava. 

  “We’re trapped!” Exclaimed Mom with a worried expression on her face. “How are we going to get over that tree! It’s too big!” 

  Just then a drop of lava from the mini eruption hit Dad in the arm, causing him to nearly drop Isaac.

  “Aaaah!!!” Dad screamed.

  “Dad!” Isaac lifted his head for just a moment to make sure his dad was alright. 

  “I’m fine. I’m fine.” 

  The river of lava was slowly getting bigger, gradually making the box that the Murrays were trapped in smaller.

  Just then the loud whir of helicopter blades were heard as a rescue helicopter flew in. But there was a problem… the helicopter apparently hadn’t seen them and was landing on the other side of the tree to help some people there. Once it had picked them up, it started to fly off again.

  “Nooo! Don’t leave!” Mom yelled at the top of her voice to the pilot. 

  The helicopter pilot, unable to hear her, continued his ascent higher off the ground.

  “HELP!! HELP!!” The family was trying their hardest to signal the pilot.

  Just then one of the passengers glanced out of the window, and tapped the pilot on the shoulder. The pilot turned around to see 5 people screaming at the top of their lungs and flailing their arms to get his attention. He swiftly turned the aircraft around and landed on the ground right next to the Murrays. 

  “Hurry! Get in! You want to stay alive, don’t you?” 

  “Yes sir!” The family rushed into the opened door of the helicopter and it immediately took off again. 

  The Murrays were taken to the hospital to look at Isaac’s leg and Dad’s arm. Dad didn’t have too major of a burn, but Isaac had indeed broken his leg. He would have to stay on crutches for a couple weeks. He learned very soon that sometimes being patient is the best thing to do, especially when not being patient costs you a broken leg. But he quickly recovered, and the Murrays lived happily ever after! 

                                                The END!

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Patience in Eruption, Chapter 3

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