Patience in Eruption, Chapter 2

Previously: Isaac Murray and his family are planning a trip to see the famous Mt. St. Helens. On the drive there, they see smoke in the air and hear a deafening roar. Mt. St. Helens has erupted

Although Isaac and his family couldn’t see the volcano itself, large amounts of ash were being ejected which could be seen for miles. “Run!” people were screaming and shrieking from all angles. Isaac and his family quickly followed along in fleeing.    

  The sky was getting darker by the minute as the ash spread. Isaac’s eyes were stinging as flurries of debris snowed down.

  “Isaac! Don’t look up there! You’ll burn your eyes!” Dad shouted at the top of his voice above all the yelling.

  “Come on! Run faster!” Issac was getting more impatient by the minute.

  “We’re trying, Isaac. Be patient.” But Isaac kept running, leaving his family behind.

  “Isaac! Wait!”

But it was too late! A block of debris from the volcano flew threw the air and struck Isaac in the leg. A crack, and then a scream were heard as Isaac crumpled to the ground, groaning with pain. At this point showers of debris known as tephra and volcanic bombs were raining down on everyone, and although it was only the afternoon, the sky was continuing to get darker.

  “Isaac!” Michael yelled with despair as he rushed over to his brother, “Are you okay?”

  “M-my leg! I-I think it might be b-broken!”

  Immediately Mom and Dad were on the scene.

  “Isaac, can you walk?” Dad was concerned about his son but knew that they had to keep running or they might not survive.

  “I-I-I don’t th-think s-so.”

It was getting hotter and hotter, and the rumbling of buildings collapsing could be heard in the distance. There was a small crack in the road, and it was getting bigger. Dad just scooped Isaac up in his arms and the family continued running.

  “Look! There’s a fire on that tree!” screamed Michael as he pointed to a falling tree with flames dancing around, sizzling every bit of green from the tree’s branches.

  “Keep running!” Dad was running as fast as he could even though he was holding Isaac, “Keep running!”

  Come back for Chapter 3 to see what happens to the Murrays as they try to escape from the danger of the dreadful Mt. St. Helen’s eruption.


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Patience in Eruption, Chapter 2

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