Part 3 Two reunions in a year

As  soon as she got home Julia “Julie” started packing. I’ll pack my snorkel set,swimsuits,sun hats,a couple dresses for church, jeans,tennis shorts, my bike helmet… oh I can’t WAIT! Julie packed all the things she would not need during the next two week’s, then did her home work. After she did her homework she texted her friend, Joanna (or Anna for short) who lived near her grandparents house I’m coming to my grandparents for the summer!!!!!lollollovewinksmileylol. Anna and another girl, Becky, were Julie’s best friends who lived near her grandparents. When Julie went to her grandparents they did everything together, and, best of all, they would go to the same church. Becky had a older brother , Henry, and a little sister,Lea. Anna  was a twin like Julie but with a boy,Josh, and Anna also had a uncle who was 16,Josiah,who lived with her family. After texting her friend , Julie went into the kitchen and looked into the fridge. She ended up eating a grilled cheese sandwich with honey nut cheerios. suddenly , Julie herd the house phone ring. She answered and the person on the other side said “Mr.Jaime Simons ?” No” she answered and said ‘this is Julia Simons” oh, “Hello Julia, this is Principal Stewart” Why is my principal calling? thought Julie “I was hoping to talk to your father, but OK” he said ” You, see there’s been an accident at our school…. Julie gasped when he told her.

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Part 3 Two reunions in a year

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