Paragraph from a Story Starter

 My paragraph from a story starter
Once the dust settled, I looked myself over. Something was missing.

My Gospel Bracelet!!! Oh no!!! My gospel bracelet that my grandma gave me before she died it was the only remaining thing I had from her.I quickly rode home on my bike, as soon as I got inside I ran to the Laundry room “Mom” I cried my voice cracked as I tried not to cry, “I lost my gospel bracelet. It was on my hand but it was loose and I guess it fell but then this motorcycle came and kicked up a lot of dust and when it settled then it was gone. “Oh I’m very sorry, did you see who rode the motorcycle? I saw he had a black suit and that’s all I saw, “Oh no!!!” “What’s wrong Mom”…

 Hope you like it

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Paragraph from a Story Starter

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