one of my favorite places to be :D

1One of my
favorite places to be, is at night time, looking out my window when it’s about
to snow. The sky and the atmosphere everywhere outside is so beautiful! It has
that wonderful pink glow that surrounds everything and makes it glow too. The
sky actually looks a glowing pink! The
dark brown houses across the quiet road almost remind you of cabins on a snowy
mountain slope. A few bright lights shining above the doorways of these cabins,
and the city lights behind them are like shining stars, just like when circles
of light are blurred behind the focussed object in a picture. This is because I
don’t have my glasses on…The snow also appears to be pink, but slightly darker.
When you look closely though, you can tell it’s really white. It’s as if it has
the white color but the pink glow. And without my glasses, it looks almost
without any footprints–all clean and pure. The field seems almost like the
long trail of a bride’s white dress. Even the cars, which almost seem to not
belong in such a beautiful picture–all parked in a straight line by the curb–are
covered by its trail. Then there are the two trees closest to the house. At a
glance they seem so still and dark, like solemn, silhouettes…To the east, the
skyline, on a clear night, would normally be alive with city lights and the
lights of traffic. Tonight though, it seems engulfed in a soft glowing cloud so
that it’s as if I’m in my own little world. All the dark blue fences behind
each of the houses to the right and left of me are lined with a snowy glow, almost
like glow-in-the-dark glitter if there is such a thing, and the gardens are
buried in a white silk blanket. Everything is quiet and tranquil……1this is one
of my favorite places to be……




Rachel Burns, December 5, 2013

Descriptive writing, LA, Anne of Green Gables study activity

–Taken from my journal entry Tuesday, November 19, 2013,
slightly revised–

sentence is added, not from my journal–

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one of my favorite places to be :D

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