One more vote please!!

‘kay guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed the Mimi series so far. I need one more vote on the recent post from me on what story I should do next. The vote is currently tied at three to three. Just one more and I can announce the winner! Hope y’all post soon, and now… back to Mimi!!!! (Sorry this chapter will be VERY short)
                                                                         CHAPTER SEVEN


I woke up, stiff and sore. I must’ve fallen asleep before I could get to the barn, I reasoned, pulling myself off the wet ground. I saw a shadow and chuckled to myself. Only Zach would be up at this hour. I trotted after him. After catching up, I decided to catch my breath. I stood there, panting, while Zach unlocked the shed’s doors. He put the noisemaker thingymajig over my head and I said, “Hey Zach! I wanna see the whole Genises, but it took a couple of trips to see the kicking out of the Garden of Eden. Can we somehow speed it up a bit?” Zach grinned. “I knew you would say that. I programmed it to take you through a sort of tour. I will narrate on a recording so you know what’s happening. It will virtually ‘set you down’ to watch the Noah story. I thought you might like to see the animals line up two by seven by two by seven by–” “I think if I wanna see all that, I’d better get going.” Zach nodded. “Good idea.”
Sooo sorry, but its time for bed. I’ll write more, I promise! (And don’t forget to vote!)

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One more vote please!!

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