Olive Branches, Chapter 4

The first day of school continues . . .
This chapter was written by JoyBaker, one of the youngest writers in this project.

Monday, September 7 – Maelynn Beaufort

I walk into my class nervously, but I’m early as usual. I see a few children talking together, and I try to guess who will be the most friendly. Soon, more children saunter in. I sit near the front and take out the books I need for the first class.

A few seconds later, the teacher walks in, introduces himself, and tells us the two rules he has. Then he starts class with icebreakers, which is very different. Oh dear. I shudder when he says the word interrogation. It seems like my new teacher, Mr. Davi, likes to put people on the spot and frighten us with his sudden, loud outbursts.

I think I’ll have to get used to his style of teaching. 

I’m relieved when it’s finally lunch break..

I run down the school field, my hair bouncing in the wind. Ouch. My foot hits a small rock, and I stumble into a girl on her phone. I recognize her from class but can’t remember her name. She grunts angrily and walks away. Ugh, what an embarrassing way to meet the first person in my school today. I slowly walk up to her. 

“I’m sorry, ” I squeak shyly. 

The tall, skinny girl glances at me for a brief moment but says nothing, then she looks away. We stand in awkward silence until I say,  “My name’s Maelynn, and what is your name?”

“Ava,” the girl mumbles.

“Nice to meet you,” I reply with a tiny smile and a couple more seconds of silence pass. I cringe inwardly. Ava looks down with an “uncomfortable, don’t want to talk” look on her face. 

“Ok… later,” I say softly and walk away. 

That was so embarrassing. I say over and over to myself. 

A bit later, near the end of our lunch break, something, well, someone catches my eye. 

A girl doing karate in the stones on the school playground. 

It looks like she’s fighting an invisible enemy. 

She does a series of spins and kicks and lands a few inches away from me. 

“Oh, hey! You’re new here?” she says, shifting slightly from side to side. She uses a lot of gestures.

“Hi, yeah. I’m Maelynn,” I say. 

“Nice name!” she remarks. “I’m D.K. Just rehearsing taekwondo moves.”

“Thank you! That’s cool!” I say with a smile. “Can you show me that cartwheel kick 

  thing again?”

“Oh, the Butterfly Kick!” D.K. says. She steps back, runs forward, spins once, jumps while spinning and lands back in position.

“Wow!” I chuckle.

          “It’s an incredible skill!” D.K. replies.

After a few seconds, I see a lot of children glance at their watch or phone and start walking back towards the school. 

“It’s time for the second block,” D.K smiles, seeing the confused look on my face. A few seconds pass, then the teacher calls everyone back inside. 

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Olive Branches, Chapter 4

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