Nostalgia by SGirven

Nostalgia by SGirven

The nostalgia overtakes me As I rustle through my photo album

My mind aches for the calm of youth As I remember my mistakes and my mastery

With age comes burden and morality With youth comes curiosity and imagination

I must no longer be chained to my youth For with manhood comes bigger equations That youth won’t permit allow me to solve

The nostalgia overtakes me As I ponder the thoughts of my past

My mind races through the present As I reach out through the future

With age comes death But the memories remain

For the nostalgia to overtake

This is a poem by SGirven (and with his permission) that was posted in a poets contest a while back that I made. As you can see, he won, but not by a lot. Actually, all the poem were extremely good. A shoutout to all the other participants, you are all so talented! to view the other poems, please click on the link below!


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Nostalgia by SGirven

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