Noah’s Ark Poem

The Noah Poem

Wicked and weary,

Evil and dreary,

Were the days before the ark.

God’s image now soiled,

Stood back and recoiled,

“Humans are now in the dark.”

But constantly still,

With a family’s will,

Noah worshiped the Lord with his heart.

God’s human friend,

From the start till the end,

Caused the building of the boat to start.

Day upon day,

As some might say,

Was filled with the shouts of a crowd.

Although called a fool,

with comments quite cruel,

Noah stayed strong, pure, and proud.

Night upon night,

It was such a sight,

For those who believed his cries.

But then from the start,

And with heavy heart,

They all believed they were lies.

With the last board in place,

In front of all time and space,

They knew that the end would draw nigh.

But all through the while,

And constant denial,

The sun shone bright in the sky.

Yet come they did,

The animals slid,

They flew, they ran, they jumped.

Come two by two,

And through and through,

Some feathered, some tailed, and some humped.

Now family inside,

And God with great stride,

The door to the ark shut firm.

The people now worried,

They shuffled and scurried,

But back they could not turn.

After seven days straight,

And not a moment too late,

A trickle of water did form.

With anxiety scaled,

The idols had failed,

Before the flood there was storm.

So with brutal force,

And God at its source,

The rain did flood and poor.

But inside the boat,

They all stood afloat,

As the winds did crash and roar.

With wasted warnings,

And flooded mornings,

They stood through the Lord God’s wrath.

Year upon year,

But not in fear,

They avoided Satan’s dread path.

But then, right there,

Now all just and fair,

The flood did calm and cease.

With door open wide,

They all happily sighed,

The world was now at peace.

-Madison M.

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Noah’s Ark Poem

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