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 Hey guys! this story is based on the after math of Abel’s death. Its pretty short. The drawing it by Foxy101 “Eve at Abel’s grave”. Hope you enjoy!


Tears rolled down Eve’s face as she
tossed another stone onto Abel’s grave. It seemed like eternity since she had
found him, dead, up in the mountains. When she first saw him, she couldn’t
comprehend what had happened. There he was, motionless, not breathing. She ran
to get Adam.

            “Adam!” she
had exclaimed, running back to their camp just outside of Eden. Eve tried to
explain what she saw but could come up with nothing. When Adam saw Abel though,
he fell to the ground in a great heap of sadness. Pain filled his eyes as he
turned to Eve.

            “This,” he
said, “is death.” Eve suddenly understood more fully what death really was.
When God, their Best Friend, had killed the lamb for their clothes, she felt a
great sadness, finally knowing what death was. But now, she knew that all things would die sooner or later.
Animals, plants, even people would stop living and go into a deep sleep. All
because of her sin.

            Now, Eve
backed away from the grave and knelt on the hard rocky ground. She covered her
face and sobbed bitterly for her son, her perfect son. Suddenly, a rough hand
rested on her shoulder. Eve turned and looked up at Adam’s face, tired and tear

            “This is all
my fault,” she said quietly, her eyes downcast. Adam knelt beside her and
pulled her close.

“Our fault,” he said, his voice shaky, “Had we stayed away
from the tree, if we had obeyed God, none of this would have happened.” Eve
nodded and closed her eyes.

            “If we have
any more children,” she said, “We must teach them to obey God, to stay near to
him and to cling to him no matter what. We will, in all our knowledge, try to keep
sin from spreading throughout the earth.”

            Adam shook,
sobs threatening to overwhelm him. He looked at his lovely wife and, with deep
regret and pain, said, “It’s too late.”


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