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Seems hard to believe anything on the news today. As what is real and what
is fake becomes harder and harder to see, there’s a greater and greater
need to crack open that Bible!

The last few weeks of news has been full of kids being separated from their
parents at the southern border of the USA. The reality is, this is just one
bad thing out of many happening in our world. Things like this have been
happening since the dawn of time. It’s called sin! Because we have free
will to choose God, it means we also have the free will to not choose Him.

We are blessed in North America. As a whole, we have more wealth and power
than the rest of the world. What should we do with that?

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule can
be found several times in the Bible—and most interestingly—it appears in
many other religions too. Some of the oldest archeological records of the
Golden Rule date as far back as 2000 BC.

“But Mr. Rolf, I’m only 10. What can I do?”

Here’s an idea: check out the
Refugee Assistance Honor. You might find that there are refugees in your
own city that need your help with things as simple as helping them
understand the important mail that comes to them in a language they can’t
read yet.

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News. News. News!

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