New life

Hi guys I hope you like the last post , and here is a continue to the story !!! If I made a mistake , please let me know. smiley
Wake up Abigail ! The twins yell besides they are 4 years old  ( Jessica and Jayla ) it’s breakfast time ,” . So I roll over and got up , change into my t-shirt and pants . After breakfast I was about to go outside to feed the horses , when, ding- dong . ,”hey Abigail can you see who is at the door, ” said mother. OK mother ,” I said, so I went to the door , then I gasp as I open the door, there stood Jerry. I said, ” Oh Jerry , why are you doing here? , before he could say anything, mother yell from the kitchen, ” who is it ! ,” . It’s a boy from my class! ,” l yell back. ,” Okay,” mother said.  I turn because her voice was so clear , then I almost scream, because she was right next to me. ,”So tell me what brings you here and what’s your name ? Mother said, So Jerry explain that he was finding a job,  So mother said, ” OK you can work here with the hay for the horses and fix the fence in the field, and feed the goats and feed the chickens, plus bring in the eggs, you will be payed a about 20 dollars,  but let me talk with my husband OK ?,” so dad say yes , And he got hired. So I went to the stables to ride the horses
                                                 Jerry side
So Abigail show me around the farm, she also said that they have six horses and three of the horses were wild and the other three horses were tame , then Mr. Parks ( Abigail ‘s dad ) and I went to the loft were the hay was, and started working, I stop to stare at Abigail who was riding out in the riding ring,  then Mr. Parks said, ” So Jerry tell me a little bit about yourself and call me , cowboy okay ? So I said, ” well I have five brothers and I’m the middle one , I was trying to get a job because I am 12 years old and to help my family. Because my mom makes goat milk cheese and sale it and my dad sales cows,”. When the work was done , we went to the porch and sat down with Abigail who was sitting right next to me,  so Abigail said , ” how did it go , hard work or you are use it? ,”well I am use to it, because my dad owns cows , so me and my brothers help my dad,” I said.  Few weeks went by,  when I jump into my bike and rush down the street to Abigail farm,  while still riding my bike,  I quiet I prayed in my mind, dear God I need your help, Then I knock on the door ,there was , Abigail said ,”what are you doing here this ? .
wink So here was a short cut or a hanger , hehe , so if you guys want the rest of the story,  let me know !!!.

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New life

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