New life

Abigail had you seen my money, ” I said  (Jerry ) ,” Oh yeah  you left it here ,let me go get it ,” said Abigail . After she went,  I thought,  thank you God,  then Abigail came,  Abigail said, ” it was at the porch, ” thanks Abigail besides your dad text me about to ride with you to gymnastics class , kinda great because I needed to return in a book which was due two weeks ago  , so go get your bike, ” I said ,” OK but let me get my bag , and sorry if I bother you its because no  one has time to take me to gymnastics lessons  ,” Abigail said  don’t worry besides I don’t know you do gymnastics ,” I said  ,” Oh yeah, I had been in gymnastics for six years but that was ,  when I was six years old,  because we move to a little town in ,Germany and when we move here I found out about the school classes they offer one them was gymnastics so I enter, ”  Abigail said.  After a while , ok Abigail let see what you got , ok first the spilt,  over spilt,  limber,  and a bridge,  and a hand stand ,” the couch said  ( Katie ) 
          Abigail side
After gymnastics lessons we got home  , suddenly the door open ,  mom and dad were the door .,” Jerry your mom called us to let’s us know your parents going on a important trip for two days, so you can stay here , And Abigail you are to look after your sisters and Ezra, wash dishes,  clean the house,  make food,  and do farm chores, and we are going with them and we have to go right now ,so bye ,” and they went , so we started to get dinner ready, Ezra was choping onion and was crying because of the onion and Jerry choping tomatoes  I and Jayla and Jessica were help with carrying the food , when we all hear a knock at the door .,” what is that a knock knock joke ?  ,” Jayla ask in small voice,  Ezra said, ” no ?! , me and Jerry will look who is but Abigail did mother say any thing else at we need to know oh and go with Jessica and Jayla to living room, ,” . Just then the TV turn on , we all run to the living room,  breaking news , be alert here is a storm with strong winds, and thunder , please we recommen if you are outside in any building near you , and we recommen to have flashlights,  water , blankets, and food. And stay in the living room. thank you for watching bye for now,  but we let you know if anything changes. We better start cooking, but who can be at the door in such a time ?,” I  ask ,” come on Jerry let’s go see  ,” Ezra , so they run to door, and I started cooking, then I saw something out window ,so I went to the window but it was so dark
Hey guys I hope you like the story,  I love to write is storys for guide readers ,please let me know if I had made any mistakes,  if you guys want more please let me know in comments

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New life

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