Never Alone 4

Ello I’m back for Never Alone hopefully you enjoy Chapter 4.


Chapter 4



When I finally got my challenge it said “Bring a friend to god”. I didn’t know what to do and who to bring to god, I’ve never done that before and even if I tried I would be too nervous to say anything, “My challenge said to read 1 chapter of the bible every day” Kyiv exclaimed, ” How about you Remie?”. “Bring someone to Christ, but I don’t know who to I should bring to Christ,” I told Kyiv, “Oh, at least you have a month to do that,” said Kyiv. I couldn’t even focus on the sermon today because I would lose my streak plus I didn’t know anyone I could bring to god, I and Kyiv were Christians except for Jen. That’s when it hit me Jen was the person I maybe had a chance to bring to Christ. “Dear, God please give the strength to help me bring Jen to you in Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.”




“Where are Mom and Dad,” I thought to myself, they usually come home early on Saturdays. I waited 30 more minutes but they didn’t come home, so I thought they were running late so I went to bed, But then someone was banging on the door, I thought it was Mom and Dad but it was Aunt Mandi ” Aunt Mandi what are you doing here today?” I asked, “It’s an emergency, Come right now,” Aunt Mandi told me “Why” I questioned “You’ll see,” She said as she led me to her car.




“Hey, Kyiv what are you doing?” my younger brother Kevin asked “I’m writing something ok,” I told him “What are you writing about?” Kevin questioned “Something” I replied “What?” Kevin persisted “You don’t need to know,” I said slightly annoyed “Why” Kevin still persisted ” Ok, do you want some cookies?” I tried to distract him “YES,” Kevin said happily, ” We want some too,” said my three other younger siblings at the same time “Ok” I replied.

Hopefully, you enjoyed Chapter 4 Of Never Alone

Tell me if I need to change something, Also try to guess what Kyiv was writing about and What was the emergency Aunt Mandi was talking about and will Remie be able to bring Jen to Christ.



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Never Alone 4

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