Nature Poems

are three short poems which I wrote a very long time ago. Enjoy!


rose-tinted dawn shedding crimson and lavender awakens the still earth.

soft breeze stirs the leaves where they lie in heaps of melted fire.


bee dizzily follows the aroma of a tropical sunburst. Spring has begun.


leaves of many different hues cover the dry earth like a soft, warm comforter
or quilt as the winds tell the wayfarer of the approaching weather with an
icicle brush as it gently whispers on its way. The trees are brown and bare and
do not seem to have any care for the lack of colorful apparel that they used to
wear. The sky shines like a radiant sapphire and seems to widen on a peaceful
line without any bend in the middle of wispy cotton clouds. The sun’s rays reach
out towards the west, trying to harvest the warmth of an untouched land
surrounded by grand snowcapped mountains. Rivers and lakes are running their courses
and only murmur as the willows and reeds fan their melting pools of blue violet
which dream of endless summer days.



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Nature Poems

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