Nancy Drew SDA Edition

Nancy Drew SDA Edition!
18 year old Nancy Drew was at church, First SDA Church of New York, New York. Her best friends Bess and George were not Seventh Day Adventist, so she couldn’t be with them at church witch saddened her very much. But Nancy realized that she’s at church to praise God, not to play with her best friends. So she stopped complaining. Nancy and her dad Carson Drew and her house keeper Mrs. Hannah were also Seventh Day Adventist, so they attended with her. Sadly Nancy’s mother died. 
Nancy was listening to the sermon by Pastor. Rick, when there was a sudden BOOM! Then half of the church was on fire. The church attenders were terrified, and then quickly ran outside to they’re cars to drive to safety. Nancy realized that everyone was just running in shock, not calling 911. She quickly took out her phone and ran outside into her car and quickly stayed there for cover. She dialed 911. Then the police answered and she told them to come to the church and so on. Next she called her dad. “Dad! You okay?” Nancy asked her father as Carson Drew picked up his cell. “I’m alright Nancy. The question is…are YOU safe?” Carson asked his daughter. “Yeah dad. I’m in my car. Is Mrs. Hannah safe?” Nancy asked. “Yeah but she had to drive home. She’ll be waiting for us at the house.” Now drive home okay?” “Carson said. “No dad, I can’t this is another mystery I HAVE to solve..” “But…!” Carson tried to stop Nancy. “Sorry dad.” Then Nancy hung up. She crawled cautiously to the back of her convertible to watch the chaotic scene through the window. She wasn’t surprised to see police cars and fire trucks. “I hope no one’s hurt. But this has to be a crime. This isn’t an accident.” Nancy told herself. Then she saw a person dressed in black running away from the crime scene. Nancy glanced around for any flames, then went out  of her car to chase the suspicious person. 
Mean-while Carson has already reached home by taxi since Nancy drove him to church. He was pacing back and forth while calling Nancy and leaving messages for her. He was anxiously waiting for her to come home. 
Nancy caught up with the person, just when he/she took off his/her black face mask. Nancy caught a quick glimpse of the so be causer of the crime. It was a he. A very young he. He looked about Nancy’s age. He had green eyes, and a smile on his face. Nancy was sad to see a teen her age smiling for putting a bomb or some type of explosion in a Seventh Day Adventist church. She quickly walked back to her car, hoping that no one saw her, thinking that she was a suspect.
An hour later, Nancy was safe at home, skyping Bess and George on her Hp Laptop. “I already heard all of it on the news.” Girly girl Bess said putting her lip-stick on. “Bess? Any ideas?” Nancy asked Bess. “Not really. The only evidence we have right now is what you saw.” Bess replied. “Nancy went back to Bess’s video chat screen. “Bess?” She asked. “Where are you going tonight?” “I’m going to a party.” Bess answered, applying on eye shadow.“My boyfriend, Jack is having his 18th birthday party.” “Bess! This is great! Can we come? I think I could find some teens that looked like the guy I saw!” Nancy suggested. “George is not coming.” George said in third person. “You all know I will not get in a dress only if I have the choices to jump off a cliff. Or anything else dangerous.”  “I’ll give you 50 dollars.” Nancy bribed George. The bribing worked. George agreed. Bess called Jack and asked if Nancy and George could come. Jack said yes and the 3 got ready to partay. Or investigate. wink
The End…For Now….. 
What Will Happen While Nancy, Bess, and George go to the party?
Is Nancy dis-obeying God’s rules by doing something other than God’s work on the Sabbath?
Will the mystery ever be solved??????
Tell me what you think bye commenting below.
I wanna know your thoughts!
Authors Notes:
Hey Guys! This is Brianna here! I LUV Nancy Drew. But I was kind of sad that there was no Seventh Day Adventist mystery series or anything like that. I know that this will never be a BEST SELLER! πŸ™‚ But I still thought it would be cool to just share my ideas with you guys!:3 I hope you guys love the story! I will try my best to write part 2 but it takes 4 EVER to type! And I moving so I’m gonna be busy this week! BTW Today is 7/20/2013! πŸ˜€ anyway like Hope you guys like it! Please tell me how you like the idea of the Nancy Drew Mysteries in SDA version! After this I’m gonna try to do Scooby Dooby Doo Mysteries for SDA’S! Except without all the scary parts! πŸ˜‰ I hope you guys like it! Enjoy and If your wondering the Hurricane Sandy series is OVER and so is the VBS SOS series! Sorry! I like starting new things! πŸ˜€ Anyway enjoy comment! Thanks! Oh and Guide Moderators, or staff when you read this, please see if I can be the Guide’s story teller/writer or something! I don’t have to get payed! I just like writing RANDOM stories! πŸ˜€ Bye and respond back please. πŸ™‚ And how did I get the affects? I found out a while ago! I love em! Thank you!

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Nancy Drew SDA Edition

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