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Hey Guys! I’ve been reading a few of your comments and I realized that some people have some questions about the names of my characters. All of my characters from Mistakes and Returns were specially chosen with the meanings of the names. I don’t choose it based on only what I like, but what I like, the meaning, and the origin. So let’s get started!
Kaila: Her name means crown; laurel. I did not choose it specifically with her story because I try not to do that, since the parents who named her would not know what she would grow up to do, but I did try to pick a Hebrew name. I’ll tell you guys a secret, I failed on that one. I misread the origin and thought it was Hebrew. Turns out the Hebrew version of Kaila is actually Kelila. So really, her name is Kelila but because it’s been so long that her name has been Kaila, I’m not gonna try to change it. Kaila is actually the Yiddish version of Kelila. Oops…
Octavia: *chokes back on tears* Ok so Octavia does not have a specific meaning with her story, like Kaila, but I did have a reason for choosing it… but I kind of forgot lol. Her name means eight, and it is actually of Latin origin. In English it makes sense, but in those times, it would be the equivalence of having your child’s name be Eight. Whatever though, they were Hebrew so maybe they decided to poke some fun at the Romans razz
Josiah: *chokes back on more tears* Josiah actually does have kind of a significant meaning. It means God supports, heals. And I think that in both of the stories it is made pretty prevalent that Josiah is very supportive of Octavia *TEARS*. Octavia had such a strong personality that she needed the guy who wouldn’t be a push-over. I mean let’s be real here, if she got married to a push-over they would probably both be dead… and not just one of th – OK I CAN’T. NEXT.
Sethe: I’ve already told you that Sethe is of Egyptian origin, but what I didn’t tell you is that it actually has some significance to her story. Somewhat. I don’t know why, but in the comments when I said, “Her MOM is Egyptian” it bleeped it out. I wasn’t really aware that was a bad word but ok… anyways her mom is Egyptian and her dad is not actually Hebrew, but he is a strong Christian so he wanted something Christian. They were able to compromise on Sethe because that is originally a Hebrew name, but it is also the Egyptian variation of it. Some of you guys were a little confused as to why Sethe was used as a feminine name, since it’s originally Seth and that’s guys name. However, it used to be also feminine, and all my other options were horrible. Also, it means appointed or placed, which I think is pretty true of the story so far.
Bardo: I can’t remember if I’ve actually told you what this name means, but it literally means water. I normally don’t like to do this, but since he’s from a family of seafarers, his profession in life was pretty clear. I would also like to point out that some kids don’t mind following in their family workline *COUGH DISNEY*. Finally, the origin is pretty unclear. I’m not really sure what the origin is.
Callidora: Callidora means gift of beauty, which when I release her backstory might make a little more sense. Her origin is from Greek, so I made her name Greek as well. I almost named her Aphrodite, but that’s just too overused.
Donnelly: Donnelly is a Gael, not sure if you can tell *sarcasm*. I had to choose a Gaelic name, which I don’t know if you know, is not hard for me to do because I love Ireland and Gaelic music, people, and traditions! I tried to squeeze in a Gaelic character in this story, and because the Romans and the Gaels were having battles at that time, it made perfect sense that Donnelly could be Gaelic and also could have been captured in a war. Also, Gaels were pretty cool with having women fighters, so that all came together nicely for me. Now on to what is actually means… because I’ve written like a paragraph on everything but the meaning of her name. Her name means dark brave one, which makes sense because she’s a fighter and she’s pretty tan for a Gael.
Aviana: Aviana’s name means bird in Latin. I named her that because it sounded nice and she is actually a really good bow and air…ist? Not sure how to word that lol but she has the eyes of an eagle…. which is how I tie things together…. you know, looking at all this written down I realize what a strange and complex thinker I am. Why does my brain work the way it does?
Eliana: I cheated a little on Eliana…. her name is Hebrew even though she is not Hebrew… but I’ll have story on that one. Her name means my God has answered. Oh well. I’ll make it work lol.
Izara: Izara is actually one of the characters that my heart goes out to the most. Of all the girls, maybe besides Eliana, she is the most compliant with Adrian, only because she has always been a slave and knows nothing else. All of the girls have had a sweet taste of freedom, but her. You’ll see that later on in the story, she ends up still being compliant, which makes her not extremely important in the story. I love her though, even though she doesn’t help the girls. Anyways, her name is of African origin and her name means section of trees.
Lucida: I love Lucida so much. She’s very complex but she still just has a happy demeanor. She’s trying to do the right thing when all seems so hard. She is a very big part of the plot that I have made. Her name means lucid, clear. I had no real purpose with the meaning, but the origin is Latin and I love the name Lucida so she was Lucida!
 ~ ~ ~ ~
Let me know if I missed anything! Now onto a few other things. I just was wondering if you like these little extra things I do with the story instead of the chapters, or if you just want me to get to those good good plot twists that will make you question my sanity.
I want to to also encourage more stories being written! I pretty much only see Allison C and I writing regularly, however I am seeing a few new ones which is good but MORE. I honestly feel like I’m pretty bad, but a lot of people enjoy my stories, so why don’t you try? If you aren’t feeling inspired, try this.
1. Put on music that you like. I personally like a band called Two Steps from Hell, and even though the name is questionable, the music just makes me feel like I’m soaring. It gives me a burst of creativity and drive that makes me want to do something… or just daydream. So put on whatever inspires you!
2. Draw/use an online avatar creator to put your characters in front of you. I make almost all my characters in a website or sometimes I draw them… but rarely drawing because I end up stressing out more than anything.
3. Write about something that really speaks to you. Writing when you have passion on your side makes it 100x easier than writing about something that you just kind of don’t care about.
4. A side note about alternate universes. IF YOU ARE WRITING ABOUT AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE PLEASE WRITE THE LAWS OF IT AND STICK TO IT. There are so many good books/shows about alternate universes that could be better if they stuck to what they had said previously. I have written a few alternate universe stories, and let me tell you, it’s so much easier when you just think up of what rules you want in the universe. ESPECIALLY if your characters have inhuman abilities. This was a random side note… but I just had to say it lol.
~ ~ ~
Thanks for reading my random thoughts 🙂 I’m hoping to write in this random series. Let me know if you enjoyed and want to see more… as I previously said 😀

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Names and Meanings of M&R + a few other things | Random Thoughts

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