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Advantage of homeschooling. Paul Masaka, Lead
Reporter. Monday March 28, 2016. Tobyhanna-Homeschoolers have a high academic
performance comparing to public students. Spending at least three homeschooling,
is sufficient to get at least a B in standardized test. This is because of
Student/ Teacher ratio. One teacher teaches one student at home compared to
thirty students who are taught with one teacher in a public school.

homeschool regular schedule is conducive to children learning. This is because
the environment is non-threatening. A student is ready to ask questions without
fearing what others students will think of him/her. The Parent who teaches has
special interest with the child, and a child feels safe because the bullies are
fewer.” Northampton Collage in Monroe County Registrar said.

        “It is
true that there are some disadvantages, but these they are outweighed by
advantages. Disadvantages would be issue such as disorganized mothers, who do
not schedule things properly or are extremely lazy.” A homeschool mom said.

Christians are aware of instructions from God found in Deuteronomy 6:4-7 to
instruct their children diligently when they sit, walk, and when they lie down.
This means 24/7. We can’t slack because morality is at stake.

Aggravated assault, gangs, guns, knives, fornication, homosexuality,
abortions, and other crimes are prevalent where people are against Gods law.
Reform measures often include teaching sex education and remedies that only add
fuel to a wild fire noted PCHEC homeschoolers.

     While it
is true there are costs to homeschool in is usually cheaper than most Christian
schools. Most of us Americans believe that heaven is real, in fact during a
survey, 82% of Americans believed they are going to heaven (George Banner,
Christian Survey). Character is the only thing people will carry to heaven, not
degrees, houses, cars, or stuff. Most public school materials have hidden lies.
For instance evolution is not science or reality, nobody has seen it happen,
but it is in the textbooks because it is most teachers’ religion. Evolution is
religion that is against the God of Heaven. Many teachers are atheist and even
new age believers, and this is bad for families who fear God. We have to be
better stewards for we have been entrusted children by God.

values in the class room are different from those of the Childs family, it
causes the child to unnecessarily choose one over another. Remember God loves
us and there is no part that He is not aware of He is always ready to lead,
teach, and help us especially with science if we ask Him. For He is the founder
of science afterall!

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My News Report

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