My Lego Essay

and Mega Blocks

Legos aretoys that you
can put together and play with them. Theyare more for ages 7 and up.  They have more details and very small pieces.
You can find these sets at an average of 5-130 dollars.  I have a couple of Lego sets myself. They are
fun to build and are great for recreation.
You can build different interesting things with your friends. They are
different categories of sets, such as Lego city and Lego creator. At times
these toys can be a little messy.

Mega Blocks are for
ages 4 and up.  They are big blocks easy
to carry, and you can get setsfor 10-100 dollars. They are usually colorful, to
attract little children, and help them to learn their colors. Mega Blocks are
found in most of the stores in the USA. I don’t have any of these sets because
they tend to be for younger people. I have lots of friends with younger
siblings that have Mega Blocks. They usually give them away when they get
older. I think that it depends on the age of the child if you want to choose.

Many children enjoy
playing with hands on toys such as Legos& Mega Blocks.  These are challenging and develop creativity
in children.  Legos are better because
you can be more creative and there is more detail in Legos. Mega Blocks are a
public company based in Canada, while Lego is a private company based in
Denmark. Mega Blocks are similar to Legos except bigger, more fragile, and less
quality, that is why Lego tried to sue the Mega Blocks Company because of
copying one of their patents, but they lost.

It goes without saying,
that Mega Blocks are a Lego competitor. Legos are chemical free while Mega Blockshavebad
chemicals. Mega Blocks are duller and have loose connections. Mega Blocks are
cheaper and are a great toy for babies. Legos are more expensive and tend to be
for older kids and have much more sets to choose from. Legos are a great
activity to make and play with but they have very small pieces so one has to be
careful when handling lest they get lost.

Some Lego fans connect
with each other on the internet and from groups or clubs to discuss Lego
related topics, new products and future innovations. Many people have gotten
new friends in this way and kept them. Making friends is one of important human
aspects. He who has a friend is not poor. The Lego history goes back to the
1950s when I was not born. The company started by making its name Lego. It
comes from two German words they did not start by making bricks but by making
toys. Then they progressed and made bricks.

Lego has lots of ways
to connect with other people. They have a website with games and a forum. On
the sets they have codes and if you have the codes you can put the code in a
game and it will give you bonus points. They have a code system for the sets;
the set is identified by a five digit number. You can go on the forum and talk
about the resent Lego sets. I also like entering codes. It depends on the
person if you want to know which set to get I like the city category.


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My Lego Essay

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