My Gramps’ House Chapter 1

“Mom please! I’m begging you! Don’t send me to Grandpa’s!” Annika pleaded. She was just about ready to drop on her knees to beg if that’s what she had to do.

“Annika, it’s already been decided! Now stop nagging and get packing.” Mrs. Preston, Annika’s mom, said as she chopped tomatoes. “I promise that you will have fun.” Mrs. Preston winked.

Annika’s shoulders dropped. “I doubt that, but since there’s nothing I can do…” With that, Annika dragged herself up the stairs to her room.

“We’re going to Grammy and Grandpa’s house!” Peter, Annika’s seven year old brother sang. He hopped into Annika’s room and gave her a toothless, dimpled grin. Annika managed to smile back. “Isn’t it exciting?” Peter giggled.

“I guess.” Annika sighed. ‘So exciting I’m going to die of boredom.’ She thought.

“What’s going on in here?” Emily, Annika’s nine year old sister asked. She pretended to be mad with her arms crossed. “Never have interesting conversations without me!” Emily grinned. Annika rolled her eyes. “Peter, mom said to repack.” Emily said smugly.

“Why?” He asked. “Because you don’t have any clothes in there!” Emily replied as she skipped out of the room. “But the things I have in there are important!” Peter called after her as he ran out of the room.

~Buzz!~ Annika’s phone vibrated.

‘Oh, Carla is texting me.’ Annika thought.

~Hi Anne! Whatcha doin?~ The text said.

Annika sighed as she put her phone down. “This is going to be the worst week ever!!!”

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  1. Nice story! My grandma on my mother side lives about 15 hrs from me, and my grandparents on my father’s side live about 15 hours from me as well.

    • Thanks! This is my first story that I’ve shown to anyone besides my parents, and I was worried whether people would like it or not.

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My Gramps’ House Chapter 1

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