my bucket List

Top 100 Things I Want To Do Before I Die!

Live in Italy for A Month

Learn New Language (Most likely Spanish)

Go scuba diving / snorkeling and experience
marine life up close

Do an extreme sport

Ride in a hot air balloon

Climb a Mountain

Pursue my passion ( becoming a FBI agent)

Do volunteer Work

Watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon

Go skinny dipping

Go white water rafting

Go to Chicago and have a great time!!!!!!

Travel the World

Watch the sun set
from the Eiffel Tower

Drink wine in Spain

Swim with dolphins

shopping in New York City

Stand under a

a castle

20. Witness sea turtles hatch

a baby Bengal Tiger

22. Visit Victoria Falls

23. Hike up diamond head

24. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow

25. Have a picnic in Central Park

26. See a Broadway play

27. Overcome fear of Horses

28. See Taylor Swift Live

29. Sleep under the stars – Done ( At Camp Au Sable)

30. Get purple highligts

31. Learn to make Wine

32. Learn to tango

33. And salsa Dance

34. Make a sandcastle on the Beach of

35. Visit New Orleans

36. See the northern lights

37. Be a parent

38. Visit Bali. Go to the Monkey Forest

39. . go shopping in Paris

40. Ride an elephant.

41. Visit the Amazon rainforest

42. Do that thing where you throw paint at a big canvas. Or throw
darts at paint-filled water balloons.

43. Go to Ireland. See the round road.

44. Learn self-defense.

45. Learn how to play

46. Learn to Surf

47. Take a road trip to the whole
contiguous U.S.

48. Camp at the grand Canyon

49. Go dog sledding

50. Road trip to Canada

51. Cook my way thru an entire cookbook

52. Go to Australia

53. Learn to snowboard

54. And skateboard

55. See pyramids in Egypt

56. Take a pottery class

57. Dye Hair PINK

58. Go surfing at Hawaii

59. Get my photo taken in front of Los
Vegas sign

60. See a psychic

61. Fly on a plane

62. Get picked up at the airport by
someone with a sign with my name on it

63. Fire a gun at a shooting range

64. Spend Christmas in Europe

65. Camp in Eastern Europe

66. Take a cruise

67. Light a lantern at the Chiang Mai lantern

68. Walk across Golden Gate Bridge

69. Visit

70. See the
new year ball drop Live at New York

71. Celebrate New Year’s at Hogmanay.

72. Watch the nutcracker at New York

73. Live a year in another country

74. Walk
across the Brooklyn bridge

75. See leaning tower of Pisa

76. Get
drivers license

77. Drive in a

78. Ride in a swan-shape boat

79. Get
picture of me taken in front of the Hollywood sign

80. Go to New York to see lady Liberty

81. Go see mount Rushmore

82. walk across the san Francisco bridge

83. make a rainbow cake

84. own my own business

85. learn to sail

86. visit Stonehenge

87. Scuba dive at the great barrier reef

88. Walk on the great wall of china

89. Witness an eclipse

90. Go hiking in a rainforest

91. Have Campfire on a beach

92. See an active volcano

93. Swim with sea turtles

94. Visit all seven continents

95. Visit Argentina’s Iguazu Falls

96. Get my first car

97. Stand on the equator

98. Visit Tal Mahal

99. Walk thru caves

100. Visit France

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my bucket List

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