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Hi guys! Oh my goodness, I haven’t posted anything in while. So sorry about that.
Honestly, a lot has been going on my life. And I usually write M&R on Friday’s or Saturday’s, but as of late I’ve been busy on those days. So, to make up for it, I’m going to post twice this Friday. However, for now, I’ll just talk a bit about the book and how I feel about it. And a little bit of a Q & A that I made myself lol
Q: Least favorite character to write?
A: Honestly, that’s tough. I don’t like writing Eliana or Callidora’s lines all that much. Callidora has a British accent in my head, and then I’m just like… she’s a mixed bag of races but sounds Roman… so why am I thinking of a British accent? Also, the way she’s so chill about Adrian is… strange. Eliana is just… too trusting of Adrian. In the end, you can see that she always saw something good in Adrian, but HOW exactly. She seems like kind of a sell out – wait why am I bad talking the characters I wrote??
I would think that you all would think of Adrian, but honestly, I like writing him. Maybe not so much when he was… a kidnapping, manipulative, lying jerk. Now he’s just stressed out.
Q: Favorite character to write?
A: I love writing Sethe’s lines. Especially with her interactions with Bardo and Octavia. The lines just come off my… brain? Fingertips? I just like how Sethe sounds confident (kind of) when talking to Bardo but when talking with Octavia she’s just a wreck.
Q: What’s been the hardest scene(s) to write?
A: Well, not really a scene, but I guess storyline, Adrian. Kind of my first go around writing a bad guy who turns into a good guy. And when we’re talking bad guy, we mean he’s kidnapping and slaving girls. You know, it’s hard to turn that into a misunderstood character. And I truly think that he’s still a bad guy. He is starting to make his way to being good, but that doesn’t change his actions.
 Q: What character most reminds you of yourself?
A: Sethe when I’m the one being made fun of and Octavia when I’m making fun of someone. Josiah when I just don’t care. Bardo when I’m in charge… actually, I see myself in each character… not Adrian though, God save.
Q: Who’s your favorite couple, canon or non-canon?
A: heheheheheehehehehe
Ok I’ll stop. Ummm tough but I’m gonna be straight and honest Sethe and Bardo.
They’re really cute when they converse.
Q: Which of these three characters would you rather ‘word’ kill off: Josiah, Bardo, Bethesda
A: Really tough but I’ll be honest. Bethesda. I love her, but she’s older than the rest. I feel really bad about killing off young character (*cough* Rebecca). Not sure why I’m acting like they’re real characters but whatever.
Q: What’s an upcoming book you’re most excited for?
A: Actually, Generation 4 of WTTC. I have such an exciting (at least to me) idea and I’m just over here trying to get done with G2 and G3 so I can move on to G4 lol. No, but I’m excited for G3 too though. I feel like G4 is going to be an event in history that’s easier to see coming, but G3 is probably going to surprise most. Maybe not.
Alright! I’ll be posting soon 😀

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M&R | A Little Conversation

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