More than she Wished For ~ Chapter 6!

Hey guys! This is the last chapter, so soon I’ll post my new story! Read chapters 1 and 2 here:
Let me know what you think! Now, here’s chapter six!
Sarah was speechless.
“Then, then is Amy my sister? And I’m not an orphan!” She exclaimed.
Everyone was laughing and talking and crying, and Sarah realized both of her wishes had come true!
“I am so happy, and so confused right now.” Sarah said. “Aunt Amy, you said you’d finish telling me that story.”
“Well, I told you that I ran away, right?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Yes, and you lost touch with my mom?” Sarah asked.
“Yes, I did, and, well many years later, when I heard your grandparents were dead, I took you in since your parents were missing. But, May, what exactly happened? How are you still alive?” Her aunt asked.
“Well, I was sick, and the doctor recommended a warmer climate. So we headed to the Caribbean Sea. To make the long story short, I started to recover, and then we were shipwrecked. After I got over the sickness, we tried to contact your grandparents, but found out they had passed away. We tried to find you, Sarah, but we couldn’t. Then Amy was born, and recently, I got that same sickness. Thankfully, it went away faster this time. When Logan’s parents came over, we sent her to their home with them. Then she was shipwrecked. We were devastated. But now, I have both of my sweet girls with me again.”
Dinner that night was wonderful. Aunt Amy’s food was always good, but now, with a sister and her parents, Sarah had never been happier.
“And, I know today has been full of surprises. But we have one more.” Sarah’s mom announced. “Sarah, I know you wanted a little sister. And now you don’t only have a little sister, soon, you will have a brother too.”

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More than she Wished For ~ Chapter 6!

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