More than she Wished For ~ Chapter 5

Readingandrainbows here again! Here is chapter five! Only one more left before I will start posting my other story, Waiting for You. I’m very excited, and just want to thank everyone who’s been reading my stories. Thank you so much! I actually got a few thumbs-ups! Anyway, here’s chapter 5!
“Aunt Amy has been acting strange lately.” Sarah thought to herself.
“Look, I found a shell!” Amy exclaimed.
“Wow, that’s a pretty shell Amy! Look, I found one just like it, well almost. Mine is a little smaller.”
“A car!” Amy told Sarah, pointing to it.
“Let’s, go to the house, Amy.” Sarah said, grabbing her hand. She knew it was probably Amy’s parents.
They got in the house just ahead of the car.
“Hurry Amy! Let’s go to the bedroom.” Sarah wanted to give Amy her old doll to take. Amy loved that doll, and Sarah had many others.
“Amy! Come!” Aunt Amy called. When she saw Sarah lingering behind, she whispered, “Stay there, for a little!”
“What’s going on?” Sarah asked. There were tears in her aunts eyes. Aunt Amy whispered to Uncle Chad. He nodded his head.
“Amy!” The mother called. “Amy shyly clung to Aunt Amy, but at the familiar sound of her mother’s voice, she turned and looked at her mom.
“Do you remember me, Amy?” The mother asked.
Suddenly, Amy ran to her mom.
“Mama!” She cried.
“If only I had a mom!” Sarah thought.
“Will you stay for dinner?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Well, what do you think, Logan?” Amy’s mom asked.
“Well, that would be fine, but we really should be the ones feeding you dinner. You’ve taken such good care of my little girl!” Amy’s father hugged Amy.
“Oh, and please meet Sarah, she is my niece. Sarah!” Aunt Amy called.
“Yes, Aunt Amy?” She asked, coming into the room.
“Meet Mr. And Mrs. Johnson, Amy’s parents.”
As soon as Sarah looked into Mrs. Johnson’s eyes, Mrs. Johnson gasped.
“Is everything alright?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Amy?” Mrs. Johnson asked.
“Yes, May, I am your long lost sister.” They were crying and hugging now.
“I can’t believe you named Amy after me!” Aunt Amy exclaimed.
“And Sarah, I’m your mom!” Mrs. Johnson said.

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More than she Wished For ~ Chapter 5

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