More Than She Wished For ~ Chapter 4

Hey guys! It’s me again! This series isn’t very long, so soon, I’ll post the last chapter. I hope anybody’s who reads my very-slowly-improving writing is enjoying it, at least a bit. Let me know if you enjoyed it. Sorry to seem pushy for thumbs-ups, but it’s hard to keep posting when it seems like no one is reading it.
Well, without further ado, here is chapter 4:
Chapter 4:
“Sarah, we just got a letter.” Aunt Amy informed her.
“What’s it say?”
“Well, they think they found Amy’s parents.” Her aunt replied.
Hot tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes. But she stayed calm. “How do they know if they are really Amy’s parents?”
“Well, they are looking for a little girl who was on a ship in care of her grandparents. The ship is the same one that wrecked.”
“When will they come get her?” Sarah asked.
“The Johnsons will come get her end of the month.”Aunt Amy replied.
“Well, I guess my wish won’t come true.” She thought wistfully.
Suddenly, her aunt read the letter again. She silently gasped.
“What’s wrong, auntie?” Sarah asked.
“Well, um, I’m  going to tell you a story.” She said, regaining her composure. “Sarah, I should have told you sooner. When your mom and I were just teenagers, I ran away to marry your uncle Chad. My parents, or your grandparents, didn’t want me getting married at such a young age, but I didn’t listen. I lost touch with your mom and grandparents, and when I learned they had died, I took you in.” She hesitated, “I’ll tell you the rest later. I don’t want to disappoint you. Now I need to make lunch, and Uncle Chad is going to take you to the beach. You can look for shells, if you’d like.”
The days went by too fast for Sarah, but pretty soon, it was the end of the month.
“Well, I hope Amy will remember her parents.” Aunt Amy said.
“But they aren’t here yet, maybe we can keep her!” Sarah said.
Aunt Amy cast a stern glance at her. “People get delayed all the time. And Sarah, what if you were Amy? Wouldn’t you want your real parents?”
“But I am like Amy, at least a little bit. But she doesn’t seem to remember her parents, and…”
“I go outside!” Amy asked, trying to put on her shoes.
“Ok, Sarah, can you take her?” Aunt Amy asked.
“Ok. Come on Amy! Let’s go find seashells!”

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More Than She Wished For ~ Chapter 4

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