More Than She Wished For ~ Chapter 2

Hey guys! Readingandrainbows here! The story I posted chapter one of I’ve decided to call More Than She Wished For. Please, if you enjoy it, at least give a thumbs up. I don’t enjoy writing stories nobody will read. Your feedback is very appreciated. Thank you! Now, here’s chapter two!
 Chapter 2:
“What is in the bundle, uncle?” Sarah asked.
“All I could save was this bundle. I think it’s a child!” Her uncle replied.
They unwrapped the bundle to see a little girl, about three or four. She was sleeping very peacefully, unaware of what could have happened to her if Sarah’s uncle hadn’t rescued her.
“Let’s let her sleep here on the couch.” Uncle Chad said.
Sarah had never had a little sister or brother before, but she took special interest with the young child fast asleep on the couch. She just sat there, and slowly fell asleep.
She woke up to someone stirring next to her.
The little girl sat up, and promptly said, “Amy have breakfast.” Without the least bit of shyness, and brought a startled Aunt Amy into the room.
“I think her name is Amy.” Sarah said.
“Well, our little guest is awake! Hello Amy!” Aunt Amy said.
Again, as if on command, the little girl said, “Amy want breakfast.” With the cutest pronunciation Sarah had ever heard.
Aunt Amy took Amy and Sarah into the dining room, and fed them breakfast.
Aunt Amy saw that Sarah was getting too attached to Amy. That afternoon, she talked to Sarah.
“Sarah you know we can’t keep Amy.” Aunt Amy said.
“I know, but how are we going to find her relatives?” Sarah asked.
“Well, that’s going to be hard, but I’ve arranged for her to stay here until they locate her relatives. We don’t even know her last name, so it may take awhile.” Aunt Amy replied.
“Well, earlier today, I was playing with her, and I asked her some questions.” Sarah said.
“What did you ask her?”
“I asked how old she was, and she held up three fingers and said ‘free’. And I asked her what her last name was, and she said ‘onon’.”
“Well, I don’t think that’s her last name!” Aunt Amy said, chuckling. “But she probably is still learning to pronounce it.”
“But she can stay here until we find her relatives?” Sarah asked hopefully.
“Yes, she can!” Aunt Amy replied.

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More Than She Wished For ~ Chapter 2

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