More Than Hope on a Farm

I once lived on a farm. I had a horse named Daisy, a dog named Sheila, and some chickens. Every morning I would go outside and feed the chickens our left over food from breakfast. Then I would feed my horse Daisy. Then feed the dog, Sheila. Sheila would follow me until it was time for her food.

     One morning I went to feed Daisy, but she was not in the barn. “I should go check in the field.” I said to myself. I was wondering  if a  wild animal got her. While I was wondering about my horse, I spotted her under a big tree. She had a baby with her! “I shall call her Hope. While a stood there looking at her baby, I noticed that Hope could not stand up.sad I called the vet asap.(As Soon As Possible) When he came I ask him if hope could walk again he said “You can hope.” I said “It needs more more than just hope…it takes prayer.”  “prayer?” he asked. “What is prayer?” “Prayer is when you can talk to God.” I replied. ” I should try that someday.” he said. “Do you want to pray now” He did!

     A few days later Hope was well!

                                                       The End

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More Than Hope on a Farm

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