Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 6

Bardo began to panic. The storm was getting worse, the ship was about to hit rocks, and they had lost a man. Below deck, Sethe still sat, stunned. Josiah was still slumped over. All of the sudden, Octavia groaned.
“OCTAVIA?” Sethe screamed.
“Mmmm…” Octavia moaned. She slowly began to get up.
“BUT YOU WERE DEAD?” Sethe cried out.
Josiah had no words, but simply grabbed Octavia and didn’t let go.
“You all act… as if I had resurrected from the dead…” She said softly.
“We thought you were dead!” Sethe said.
“Well… no, I’m not.” Octavia smiled as she put her arms around Josiah.
Sethe couldn’t stop smiling and ran to hug Octavia.
All of the sudden a wave broke through the deck, and the boat was crushed in. Octavia slipped out of Josiah’s grip, and Josiah crashed against a piece of wood. Sethe was swept out of the boat and into the waves. However, when she was carried in the waves she hit a hard object. Turning around, she saw land. Then she watched the ocean break the ship into pieces. She wanted to swim out to see if everyone was ok, but she couldn’t swim.
~ ~ ~
Kaila sat on her bed in thought. Is Adrian doing right or wrong? Why did he enslave all of us?
Footsteps were heard. Adrian appeared from the stairway. “Hello.” He said.
Kaila frowned at him and looked away.
“I take it you’re still mad at me?”
“Hard not to be when someone you thought loved you turns around and enslaves you… and it turns out he’s actually enslaved other girls so you aren’t even special.”
Adrian smiled. “We all must play our cards wisely.
Kaila frowned. “What does that mean?”
Adrian looked at Kaila. “Don’t be so naive and believe everything a charming man tells you.”
“Oh, so you kidnapped and enslaved me to teach me a lesson?” Kaila asked with an eyebrow raised.
“Maybe.” Adrian said sarcastically. “Truth is, I find you ravishing.”
Kaila frowned. “Well sorry that I didn’t get the message when you threw me in here.”
Adrian laughed. “You sure are sassy, it’s cute how you act tough. I like it.”
He looked at her, trying to make her fall in love with that charming face again, but she looked away. “Don’t make me do this the hard way.” Adrian said. “I’ll have to hurt some of your new friends…”
Kaila looked at Adrian in shock. “You wouldn’t!”
“That’s for you to decide.” Adrian said.
Kaila looked down, and gently kissed him on the cheek to signify that she would give in. “Don’t hurt my friends.”
“I won’t.” He smiled.
~ ~ ~
Soon bubbles began to form in the ocean, and people popped up. First Josiah, Bardo, some crewmen Sethe didn’t know, and finally Octavia. The storm finally belted a last bolt of lightening, and began raining slowly.
“Octavia, Josiah!” Sethe cried out, almost leaping into the water, but then remembered that swimming was not an option.
Josiah grabbed Octavia. “You know I can swim, right?” Octavia said.
“Yep.” Josiah replied.
“I’m not letting you go again. First you get knocked out, scare us all to death, and now you almost drowned.”
“Actually I was doing pretty well…” Octavia laughed.
Josiah shook his head. “Nope. Not letting you go.”
After a while, everyone began looking at this island. “We need to repair the boat right away,” Bardo said. “Then we can get off this death trap.”
Sethe laughed. “This island is pretty nice! There are no wild animals.”
Bardo raised an eyebrow. “Alright, men, you come with me, Octavia and Sethe, why don’t you make food?”
“How can we make food out here?” Sethe asked.
“I don’t know… there must be something on here…” Bardo mumbled.
Octavia smiled and let go of Josiah. “Hey, not without a promise that you’ll be alright.” Josiah said. Octavia looked at him. “I’ll be fine.” They began staring into each others eyes.
“Oh my goodness.” Sethe mumbled. She turned around from the icky feeling that began climbing up on her. I’m never going to get married. It’s gross.
She began looking around the island. Octavia soon caught up with her after she was done staring at Josiah.
“Why did you leave without me?” Octavia asked, laughing.
“You were staring at Josiah and it just disgusted me.” Sethe crinkled her nose.
“Some day I guarantee you will be doing the same thing.” Octavia teased.
“Never!” Sethe exclaimed. “Well… at least not in a while. One, I don’t want to get married because I’m too young – ”
“You’re 16! I was married by your age.”
“15! And I also don’t want to get married because then I can’t travel and be free. I’d have to be stuck with kids wiping their noses on my dress, and a husband coming to me for food every night. No thanks.” Sethe said.
Octavia shrugged. “Hey, do you know what’s edible and what’s not?”
Octavia sighed. “Neither do I. Josiah’s a carpenter, not a cook…”
“Perhaps Bardo knows.” Sethe said.
“Maybe so. Let’s go ask him.”

 *screams internally*
OK. HERE’S THE WHOLE THING WITH OCTAVIA. I was seriously thinking about killing her off when I wrote “Names and Meanings” or whatever and Mistakes and Returns Chapter 5. I asked one of my non-Guide friend what he thought, and he said I should kill her off. However, lesson of the day, never kill of a character if you don’t have to. Don’t let people talk you into it lol. Seriously, you guys have no idea how contrived I was. I was like screaming in a controlled way so my parents wouldn’t tell me to be quiet.
After all that, however, I decided that I was going to make her live. Actually, I always wanted to keep Octavia alive so that’s why I never said “she’s dead” in the chapter. It was the assumption made by Sethe and Josiah.
Comment down below your favorite character! Mine are Octavia and Aviana.

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Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 6

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