Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 15

Sethe went underboard and found Octavia, Josiah, Bardo, and some of the others talking. She sat down next to Octavia, listening to what they were saying.
“I’ve heard of Jesus from Nazareth. Kind of a troublemaker, no?” Bardo asked.
“Not exactly. Jesus was a Man of peace, but the people around him would stir up trouble, and then blame it on him. We believe He is the Savior of our world.” Josiah said, smiling.
Bardo nodded, half believing and half just being polite. “Ah, I see.”
Sethe began giggling silently. Bardo looked at her inquisitively.
Later that day, while the sun was setting, Sethe went up the ladder and on to the deck. The wind and the ocean seemed to roar together, but maybe less of a roar, and more of a moan. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful and majestic sight to see. Sethe stretched out her muscles, noting that the day had been… boring, to say the least. She felt she was useless, and many of the others were too tired to talk. The most conversation they had was about Jesus, and that ended slightly awkwardly. Sethe giggled again. Bardo’s uncomfortable face was hilarious, but also made her a bit uncomfortable.
“What’s so funny?” A voice asked behind Sethe.
Sethe whirled to look at the voice, losing her balance and landing on the mysterious person. When she looked up, she saw Bardo, giving her a suspicious look. She laughed harder.
“Oh, nothing, just your ‘I’m-weirded-out-but-trying-to-act-polite’ face.’”
Bardo raised an eyebrow. “What?”
“When they were talking about Jesus of Nazareth.”
Bardo laughed. “Sorry, I mean no disrespect to anyone’s beliefs. I’ve just heard so many, I’ve learned to smile and agree without thinking.”
Sethe laughed.
“Do you believe in Him?” Bardo asked.
“Yes, but honestly…” She leaned into Bardo. “I feel like everyone else has a stronger relationship with Him.”
Bardo looked confused. “What, do they burn more things for Him than you?”
Sethe smiled but shook her head. “No, our God wants us to talk to Him, about everything. The more you trust and love Him, the more you want to obey Him. It makes the things of this world seem dim and meaningless.” All of the sudden Sethe realized everything. Why couldn’t she just move on with Zeno? It was because she had never asked for forgiveness to God, or even talked to Him about it. “I… have to tell Him everything…”
Bardo frowned. “You know, I’ve heard of a lot of atrocities. Religions where sacrificing humans is what pleases gods. That’s why I’ve always just remained fluid in my belief system. Your God does seem better in that way. Killing people to please a far off person just seems wrong.”
Sethe nodded. “I know, it scares me to think about the people who serve someone who would want them to kill themselves.”
Bardo smiled. “Yeah… you’ll have to tell me more about your God.”
Sethe nodded rapidly. “Of course!”
They both smiled at each other for a while, then looked out into the ocean.
“You know, it feels a bit weird not being the captain. I feel like I should be bossing everyone around.” Bardo admitted.
“I bet you do.” Sethe joked. “But you make a fine captain.” Sethe then blushed because she had entered ‘the uncanny valley of, was that a romantic compliment or a friendly compliment?’
“Thanks. I don’t always feel that way, but knowing you think I make a good captain makes me feel better.”
Well, this was just one bar above too awkward for Sethe, so her brain looked for any excuse to get away.
“Well, I should go underboard, and check on some of the crew.” Bardo excused himself.
“Thanks for listening to me. I don’t know how you listen to my rambling, but I appreciate it.” Sethe said.
Bardo smiled. “No, not at all, you’re pretty interesting.” And he walked away.
Sethe waved and then buried her head in her arms in embarrassment.
“Wow, you guys are flirting now.” A voice behind Sethe said.
“I don’t even need to turn around. I know who you are.” Sethe mumbled into her arm.
“So can I just say that I wish you could have helped younger me with Josiah? You were giving compliments, thanking him, talking to him… which is better than me. I just bossed Josiah around for a while.” Octavia laughed.
Sethe didn’t move a muscle and still just groaned in her arms. “But that was so embarrassing! I went too far! I don’t even plan what I’m going to say! It just comes out and I sound so crazy!”
“Well, Bardo keeps coming back to talk to you. That must mean he likes talking to you, which means he doesn’t think you sound crazy.”
Sethe just moaned.
“But seriously, what are you going to do about him?”
“What do you mean?”
“We’re going to be in Rome in just a week.”
~ ~ ~
“Hello?” Bethesda opened the door. “Kaila!”
Kaila hugged Bethesda, Aviana awkwardly standing behind her.
“Who’s this?” Bethesda smiled at Aviana.

Kaila laughed. “There’s a lot that you need to know to know who this is, fully.”
I’m. Not. Ok.
I’ve loved this journey so much. My writing skills have strengthened because of you all! Reading back to my older work is hard for me to do, and I’m still embarrassed by my writing, but you all have given me such kind comments! I really appreciate it! Even though this book is closing in the next few chapters, I still am super excited to start some other book series! Please stay with me on this journey 🙂

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Mistakes and Returns | Chapter 15

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