May and Julia Part 4

was horrified herself. When the doctor had left, Julia looked up into both of
her parents’ faces. Her eyes held a question mark. Julia’s father, who had read
animal stories to comfort her, had sat down on the edge of Julia’s bed, looking
into his daughter’s surprisingly calm face. She wasn’t frightened. May was
surprised. But she wasn’t surprised by what happened next. It brought tears to
her face. Julia often asked questions about heaven.

            Julia looked at her father closely,
as though studying him and said slowly, “Papa….”

            Her father’s face relaxed a little
as he said kindly, “Yes, my dear? What is it?”

            Julia looked down at the quilts on
her bed and said, “You and Mama will be there?”

            Her father looked confused. He
asked, “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

            Julia smiled and said, “Why, in
heaven, of course. I don’t mind going to heaven

you will spend part of the time with me. That’s what a school friend said.”

felt a lump form in her throat as her father said, “That isn’t exactly…”

            Julia’s eyes grew very wide as her
father said this. It was as though she had been slapped by wind. May felt her
heart constrict when she saw Julia turn quickly from one parent to another.

faces read a heart-wrenching truth. Julia’s mother was about to open her mouth
and say something when her daughter burst into tears. May knew that Julia
rarely cried, but a dam poured from her eyes when she thought that separation
was imminent. Her father held Julia tightly and said, “My dear, at the resurrection of the just…” But Julia
only buried her face in her father’s shoulder and cried.

didn’t linger to look anymore. She was as determined in her motive as she was
determined in conducting the flames of springtime. She would go to December,
even if she felt intimidated. The time to keep this promise came soon. Spring
fizzled into fall. Leaves dropped.

was a dark and narrow path which May took to December’s house. It mirrored his
own heart.

shivered as she thought of December. How she despised him. She had been born in

Hi everyone! I hope that this chapter isn’t too sad! Even though things may look dark, what do you think will happen next?

As always, I appreciate your kind thoughts and comments! Love you guys! Jesus loves you too! love

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May and Julia Part 4

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